How to Earn $100,000 in the next 30 days

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How to Earn $100,000 in the next 30 days

Last month I earned over $100,000 direct to my bank account working from home and so can you!! I have always worked from home, so COVID never impacted me; in fact, my business improved.

We all know, nobody is ever going to teach you how to make money because they don’t know how, all they know is how to sell seminars. So I am not a seminar seller, I run businesses and invest in others. You can also start to earn that money today, without any investment, or winning the lottery, and zero expensive online courses. Watch this video till the end and I promise you your life will change forever.So if you want to have a proper idea about how to earn read my post and watch my video.


Motivation always comes from within, never outside you.  Most people look to others when all the answers are always and forever inside you.

Taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life is FREEDOM. If you do not take responsibility for your current situation and keep blaming everyone for your lot in life, then you will never be free. NEVER. And you certainly will never make $100,000 a month, not even that much in a year.

I believe Tony Robbins jumping up and down on the stage yelling about how people have the power to change their lives, changes nothing. Tony makes money and some people leave feeling on cloud nine but eventually, the air comes out because all change comes inside you, and taking responsibility is always the first step. If you Look in the mirror and question yourself, “are you satisfied with where you are?” Are you willing to change your sufferings into achievements? Do you think you can do better in life?

And if you are willing to turn your life upside down then understand that any lasting journey in life starts with responsibility. This is the only motivation you will ever need and when you realize this and take action, then you will feel the exhilaration that no one outside of you can ever give.

Employee or entrepreneur

Decide today if you are a worker for someone, or, an entrepreneur who works for himself? “For those determined to succeed in getting money, earning a living working for others can prove useful. But beware. Given time, a salary begins to exert an attraction and addictiveness all of its own; regular paychecks and crack cocaine have that in common. More to the point, working too long for others will serve to blunt your appetite for risk. And in risk lies the only sure path to riches.” Felix Denise

Employees measure success by how much they get ahead in their organization. So employees may focus on performing better than their colleagues and amassing authority over colleagues. Entrepreneurs set their own goals and action plans, then work to achieve them. Therefore entrepreneurs who succeed don’t give up and keep working on their business until they start earning a profit.

So employment has an age limit and retirement, whereas a business can be run all life, and when you do not want to run it, you can hand it over to your spouse, child, or others.

Service or Product

Now that you’ve decided to go forward as a business owner /entrepreneur, it’s time to decide what you’re going to sell. I don’t want to sell anything you say? Well if you’re going to own a business then you have to sell something to bring money to your bank account. Have no fear; selling today is not what it used to be. It’s not like you’re going door to door with a sample case in tow. All things are sold through the internet in my world, and nothing is ever sold any other way.

Service business

If a service then you’ll need a service to sell. There are many services to choose from like accounting, web designer, scriptwriter, YouTube video producer, life coach, landscaper, doctor, professional yoga instructor, and so on. If it’s your service then you have to deliver that service through the internet.

I choose selling a product, and not just any product. Therefore I sell only BIG BRAND NAME PRODUCTS because BIG brand name products SELL THEMSELVES. Not just any category like cars, skateboards, books jewelry, snowmobiles, pens, or what you have. I sell BIG BRAND NAME TECHNOLOGY.

Big Brand Names

Have sold big brand name athletic footwear like Adidas and Nike, big brand name cars like Mercedes Benz, and big brand name books like first edition John Grisham and Stephen King’s best sellers, but the one that makes me the most money every day is technology, big brand name technology.

The reason I do this is that big brand names like Apple, Microsoft, Dell and Samsung are the Brands EVERYONE knows and loves. These companies have shelled out billions in advertising and marketing over the years to make their brand loved by billions of people. I sell used, not new brand names computers and related products. It’s easy and the profits are fat. Manufacturers like Apple take all the profit for themselves and rightly so since they created, marketed, researched, manufactured, and sold to you. Used Apples are profits reserved for me, and the same applies to used profits.

Service vs Product

Selling a service is vastly different than selling products. At the heart of it, the main difference is that a product business sells physical, tangible objects, whereas a service business provides value through intangible skills, expertise, and time.

The marketing techniques and costs vary when you’re selling services versus selling products, as well. Understanding these differences can help you cultivate the right approach for your business.

When selling a product, businesses will want to highlight specific features and display the item in-store or online for customers to view. In some cases, customers can touch or manipulate the product before purchase, or they may have the opportunity to see it being used in a demonstration via sales teams or online videos.


Products are designed to meet the needs of the customer, but cannot always be customized if there are certain requirements. If a customer isn’t satisfied with a product, they can easily return it or exchange it for a different one. With products, it’s easier for a customer to determine its value and whether or not their purchase was worth the money they spent. So customers can rate a product online, and prospective customers can use the ratings to determine whether they want to buy the product.


Independence is never having to rely on anyone for anything. Not the government, your spouse, friends, neighbors, community, employers, church, banks, or anyone. Therefore Independence is freedom. Financial independence is the freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want, with who you want, and where you want. I live in north San Diego California near the beach. Every day people buy the product from me whether I’m swimming in the ocean or having a cup of coffee.

You don’t need money to sell $10,000,000

Today you can start your business right now with zero investment. Would you like to know how or how to earn? Start selling everything that you see. 30 years ago, when I wanted to earn, I started by selling everything that I owned and when I ran out of things to sell, So I sold other people’s stuff, from gold coins and jewelry to used cameras and real estate. Have bought and sold businesses, lumber, wine, bottled water, cars, trucks, franchises, you name it and I have sold it.

Over time you will earn and save money after expenses. Today I can list $10,000,000 in products, never having put up a dime on my e-commerce website. So I sell the product for cash in advance and have the product shipped for me direct to my customer. Therefore I never pay for any of this product and get paid in advance before I ship my product.

Money makes money

“You need money to make money” no longer applies. We need knowledge and fortitude to make money, and a commitment to act NOW.

Gradually, I started to accumulate some money by selling my stuff on eBay and Amazon, the two sites with over 300,000,000 monthly visitors.

I did this all from Home

I never wanted to commute to work even when I owned the company. Always loved to wake early, make coffee, and sit at my computer.

I built the business with a computer and the internet, slowly I started earning and that was when I started buying all kinds of things that I could resell, and the good news, (pause) I did it all from home.


Trust me, I never left my home, even before there was an internet, I would buy and ship products sometimes using third-party carriers to get the product to my customers. If you need that social interaction that the workplace and COVID bring, then working from home may not be for you.


What you need is action. Overthinking never made me a dime. People think too much and act too little. You can spend a lifetime thinking about being financially independent, and never leave the same dead-end job. The getting of money means you need to take action today.

Go to your computer…now

Go to your computer and open up an eBay store, Amazon store, and a Wal-Mart store. Yes, Wal-Mart has a store you can sell products on too. 200 million people visit these platforms weekly. I don’t want to do that, you say? Let me tell you all major corporations sell on these platforms and many never use their name but sell their goods through dummy corporations. I know because I buy from them. Think Best Buy for example.

E-Commerce comes latter

You’ll have plenty of time to open your own e-commerce store and skip paying these platforms fees, but today you can open your very own business now using these platforms. DON” T THINK ABOUT IT. Just do it. Take those shoes, hats, clothes, cell phones, DVDs, or anything else you have hanging around the house you never use and list them for sale, right now.

In conclusion

I promise you, the moment you do this simple task, you will be a Bonafide business owner. I’ll teach you how to get and list those millions of dollars in brand name products without ever spending a dime of your own money. Today is the start of your new life of independence. So, I hope now you have an idea about how to earn. And share your comment about how to earn!! I will love to answer.

Mike Addis, Carlsbad, California

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7 thoughts on “How to Earn $100,000 in the next 30 days

    • mike says:

      I have made millions of dollars working from home selling other people’s brand name products like Apple, Samsung, and Adidas to name just a few. So yes, working from home has made me wealthy combines with my investments in real estate.

  1. Aderibigbe seun says:

    Motivation and commitment does it really goes a long way in business management all I know is that one need to buy and sell

    • mike says:

      Correct. The easiest way to make money is to buy and sell brand-name products. Can be used or new. You can seel your services on platforms like Fivrre but you will compete with hundreds of others selling the same services and they sell their services cheap too.

    • mike says:

      Wrong. Check my recent YouTube videos on the Mike Addis Yt channel at the top front page of this blog. In fact, I rarely use my own money to make money. That is not a fact.

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