Money, life, and success

Money, life, and success

Freedom and independence have always been my driving force. Even in my darkest hour, I would always focus on being free and independent of everything and everyone.

Working for other people never felt like anything more than wasting time, hoping, and waiting for each day to end. I walked away from a $160,000 job just to escape this corporate life of endless meetings and political gamesmanship. Then one day, not being able to stand it for another moment, I quit the paycheck life forever. The drug-addicting paycheck would never grab hold of me again; I would change everything in a blink of an eye and begin this wonderful journey of financial freedom and independence. And so can you

One-bedroom apartment

Sitting in my one-bedroom Los Angeles apartment at the kitchen table, I began my journey with a yellow legal pad, calculator, and telephone. No computer, no internet, no cell phone, just a single-minded determination to prove to myself that I didn’t need anyone to earn a living.

Not just a living, but to make more than I had ever made working for others, and in my first month I made just under 67,000 thousand dollars, which is over 100,000 in today’s dollars. I was angrier than I had wasted 10 years working for others and determined that I would succeed without any help from anyone.


Life has many twists and turns and failed more than once. So I and went from a millionaire to being homeless. I not only went this route once but decided to do it again, just so I could learn my lesson and never go back. You see, people like me need to go broke two or three times before we realize how not to do it again.

I went from owning 6 million dollars in real estate to selling out, due to personal problems, just before my properties doubled in value, a 7 million dollar loss. There were many losses along the way, and all could have been avoided if I simply left my ego aside and stopped trying to be right all the time.

Current Success

My current success is due to a laser-like focus on getting money. Money is my driving force, and I have formulated a foolproof plan of how to get it and keep it. Money brings me freedom and independence from all things and I will show you how.

Freedom and Independence List

  1. Take responsibility for all things that happen in your life and stop blaming others. This is all the motivation you will ever need.
  2. Stop working for other people today. Freedom and independence mean being on your own and earning your own money. Working for others and waiting for that paycheck is like an addiction you can never escape.
  3. Find everything you don’t need and sell it. You can sell it on the two largest platforms, eBay and Amazon, but sell it all off today. When everything is sold,  find other people’s stuff to sell and accumulate cash.
  4. Don’t spend money on anything you don’t need. If you can make it, then don’t buy it. Saving money is the lifeblood of every business, so save every penny.
  5. Learn to be alone and stop wasting your time socializing and spending endless hours on your cell phone. These things will get you nowhere and keep you running in the same place

The losers

  1. Dump your losers including but not limited too people. If you made a mistake, financial or personal, then take responsibility, admit you’re wrong, and get rid of the loser. You will feel brand new as soon as the yoke of losers is gone from your life.
  2. Focus solely on making money and learning your businesses. This is the one thing you can control.
  3. Take calculated risks, do what you think is right, never listen to other people tell you what you should do. Always do what you think is right for you, and your family.
  4. Never look back, always look forward. You can always start over, and today is that day.
  5. Don’t overthink everything. Think less, act more.

Recover from defeat

In life, we always suffer defeats, personal, and business. Life will always beat you down, but instead of seeing these as defeats, see them as learning experiences, a path to financial freedom and independence.

Success is always in what you see as success. For some, it’s having a jet, or living in a big house near the ocean. For me, it’s waking up and attacking every day with a passion and enthusiasm for what I love. If you don’t have that passion or love of something, then at least take the first step of working for yourself. You will find that once you make the jump and do what you always wanted to do, then things automatically get better.

In Conclusion

You are the only one that can change your life. One day you’re a child, the next day you’re an old man or woman. It never seems that way when your young, but I tell you that life goes by very fast. Don’t waste a minute, do what you want, make your life about being free and independent. So, I think now you all have an idea about life money, and success!

Comment your opinion about life money and success and let me answer you all if you have questions!

Mike Addis

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    • mike says:

      Correct. I am failing at losing weight right now but it’s not failure. I am just earning what has not worked and I am making adjustments to reach my goal.

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