10 Rules for buying undervalued assets


Rule number 1. Start Over

The biggest lie is you can’t start over. So it will take years to start over. The fact is, it takes only days. Why is it that we are told how difficult or impossible it is to start over? Son the answer is people have fear of change. Therefore starting over means doing something new.

People don’t want you to leave the world they are locked in. What gives you the right to escape, while we have to stay? I came from a family of entrepreneurs who immigrated to the United States 100 years ago. They couldn’t get jobs, so they worked for themselves. My father’s generation survived depression, polio, and the big war. So When they returned in 45, they wanted to settle into a life of predictability and stability. Wars, incurable diseases, and great depressions will do that to a person. Having a secure job gave them a house, a car, and a family to take care of.

Keep them Busy

Companies and governments grew greedy over the years and wanted their workers to be controlled. They worked their workers more and paid them less. Starting over never entered their minds. Their fathers before them had started over when they came to this country. This was not a choice for them, and so it went.

As the years went by the houses and cars became more expensive and not built to last. When my father bought his house the ratio between his income and the price of the house was 3 to 1. Today the ratios are 10 to 1. This was helped along by the banks and government, who created new ways to tax, finance, and cheat their consumers and citizens. Like killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

So in 1984, I decided to stop working for big business and began working for myself. Quit my $160,000 a year job and started over. That’s what this book is about. I will describe my step by step process to how I did it. My guess is you will not try to change. This book will at least make for interesting reading, and give you some ideas about starting over, working for yourself, and making money while working from home.

Rule number 2. Don’t listen to anyone. Make your own rules and stick with them.

These are my rules, not yours. If you want a rule of your own, you’ll have to think one up. There is no reason to listen to anyone who hasn’t done what you’re thinking of doing. People that write “how-to” books most likely haven’t done what they are telling you to do. If they have done it, it wasn’t to the extent they are telling you. I have been doing what I do for over 30 years and will continue.

In 1984 I was told that my last job interview had gone badly. I had lowered myself to interview with a second rate company because “I needed a job”, having quit my last job. Sitting alone in my one-bedroom apartment in beautiful Brentwood California I decided not to listen to anyone ever again. I would hear but not listen. The people who were talking had no real experience and or lying, so I would tell me what was best. I went for a long walk straight down Wilshire Boulevard to the ocean in Santa Monica, turned right along the boulevard, and back to my apartment on San Vicente Boulevard.

After my 9 mile walk, I gathered my legal pad and wrote my plan.

I looked at what was happening in the world and technology was the answer. The personal computer was up and running and there were many players in the game. I decided to create a business that would help clean up a confusing industry. Having spent time in mature industries like auto and real estate, it was clear that there would be many bodies that needed burying and I would be their undertaker. No one in the world predicted what would happen. There was no one to listen to but me. I predicted that chaos and destruction would rule, as it did in other developing industries. Once there was 300 U.S. car manufactures, now only 3. The same would apply to all mature industries. The same would happen to this new technology industry and it did.

Rule number 3. It’s better to pick up the pieces left from other people’s failures.

It became very clear to me, that I would never create anything big. I would never be Bill Gates, or Michael Dell, who happened to be one of my customers back in 84. Most people will never create anything of real value, so stop trying. Dreams die fast, and visions of glory disappear like the hair on your head. Instead of creating, it’s better to clean other people’s failures which are many. There are countless failures but very few real successes. To work with the failures only seemed logical. Living in Las Vegas taught me that the winners are few, but the casino always wins in the end. My idea was to be the casino.

Rule number 4. If it works, keep doing it

4. If it works, keep doing it. Which is the same as if it doesn’t work then stop. I made this big connection that if I could do something once, then I could do it 100 times. In fact, I could do it a thousand times more, assuming I wanted to. So if I could make money sitting at my kitchen table in my one-bedroom apartment, then I could do it every day. I just needed to see if I could do it once, then the rest would be repetition. My last job ever paid me about $6000 a month plus benefits and a car back in 1984.

That would be equal to about $160,000 in today’s dollars. In my first month working for myself, I made $6667. That’s how much I actually put in my bank account after expenses. To make money, I decided that I would need to make a net profit of 10%, so I actually sold over $67,000 in products (brand name products only). So will explain what I did and how I did it in detail later. For now, I want to get the point across. The next month my sales were over $87,000 and I netted over $8700. Therefore had proven my theory, that if I could do it once, I could do it again and again. In my third month, I sold over $113,000 and netted about $11,000 plus. So these results were a combination of all my rules put into action. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Rule number 5. Don’t believe what you hear or see.

Whatever people say or write, do not believe them. The internet is one big lie to get you to read it. It’s a takeoff on tabloid newspapers. The kind sold at the grocery checkout. The more sensational the more you’ll read it. The more you read, the more advertising is sold. The goal of the internet is to get you to read junk, and buy things. Read equals buy. The other goal of the internet is to get the most readers. So the more readers, the more valuable the page, the more advertising can be sold, and so on. It doesn’t matter who is doing the talking. The chances are pretty good they are lying.

People lie

People lie for assorted reasons, mostly to get something from the listener. The biggest liars are politicians. These people will tell you anything to get what they want. The next groups are businessmen and professionals like doctors and lawyers. I think the more education people have the more they lie. These people think you and I are stupid because we vote for them. The number one cause of death in this country is heart disease. So the second is misdiagnosis from doctors.

The 10th cause of death is homicides. Doctors kill over 200,000 people a year, homicides less than 5% of that. Therefore the real number of doctor misdiagnosis deaths is actually estimated at 400,000 a year, but I’m pretty sure the AMA has kept that figure down. They don’t want to scare the masses who are already being terrorized daily. This information is provided by the FBI. Today a group called black lives matter is shouting their creed. If you look closely you’ll see that more black people die of heart disease, and lack of exercise than anything. No one in that group mentions that because it’s not newsworthy.

Rule number 6. The opposite is true

Whatever they tell you is almost always a lie. If it’s true, then it’s a mistake on their part. If you think a bunch of guys from the Middle East could actually fly 747 jets into the trade towers (after a few propeller plane practice flights) then your medication needs to be adjusted. So if you think that the government does anything that’s in your best interest, then read rule number 5. The purpose of the people that run our government is for them to stay in power. The smartest minds are not in government.

The smartest minds are always in the private

Therefore whoever is running our government would have difficulty making money in the private sector with few exceptions. Those rich people that enter the government want more power(Clintons and Bush are examples). The more power they have the more they want and so on. Either way, you lose. People with wealth and power tell you whatever they want to get your vote or money. So you can almost always bet whatever they tell you, the opposite is true. Here are some opposites. “We are on the road to recovery”. This means we are in big trouble.

So “The harder you work the more you make”. This means the harder you work the less you make. “The unemployment rate is down” This means the rate is up, just fewer people looking for jobs. My favorite is “quality and dependability” This means my product is junk. If you use this rule daily, you will have a better grip on reality.

Rule number 7. Don’t create anything.

Creating new ideas is dumb. Creation is better left to smarter people than you and I. Smart people create things, or better yet steal things from others, and finance them. Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. At least Jobs admitted it and was proud of taking other people’s ideas and making them better. Companies spend billions of dollars a year creating and stealing to establish their brands. Every year they come out with new products, making the old obsolete.

So at least that’s what they tell us.

Look at rule number 5 again if you’re confused. The purpose of big business and government is to make money and maintain control and power. Big business does not pay taxes and keep their money offshore. The government makes laws that allow them to do that. If you do that you’ll be thrown in jail. Business finances politician’s elections. You do not finance anyone, therefore you’re out. It’s all very simple to understand if you take a minute to think about it.

To sit around thinking of the next big idea is dumb. The chances are your brain will have no outcome. It’s much easier to find what other dumb people are doing and fix their mess. There are far more stupid people in the world you can make money from than smart ones. I make money every day of the week selling stupid people’s ideas, to people who want a deal. In fact, my customers are pretty smart because they buy stupid people’s stuff from me.

Rule number 8. Don’t try to figure it out.

People spend too much time trying to figure things out. It makes no sense to figure out why people do anything. You and I have to clue as to why people do what they do, so stop thinking about that. I always try things to see what works. If it works, I revert back to rule number 4. It doesn’t work I go to rule number 9. So it’s back and forth until you hit on what works. If what you try works, then back to rule number 4.

Therefore if you get confused then go to rule number 9. I always laugh at people that say “I just can’t figure it out”. The reason they can’t figure things out is that it’s not possible. These people are trying to figure out why other people do things. I could never figure out why they are trying to figure things out which makes me as dumb as them. Stop wasting your time figuring things out and just get going with action. Action makes things move. Inaction makes things stay the same.

Therefore my job is to make things happen through action. If my actions work, then I go to rule 4. If my actions don’t work then I go back to rule 8. Do not repeat actions that don’t work. That means you’re crazy.

Rule number 9. Action is better.

When in doubt, do something. Nothing ever gets done unless you actually take action. Don’t make the big mistake of “thinking things through”. The more you think things through, the more it will not make sense. This creates inaction. Action creates money. People that say inaction creates money are lying to you. If people tell you your inaction works then read rule number 6. So if your actions do not work, then stop doing it. I shouldn’t need to give you examples but I will.

Therefore if you keep getting married to the same type of person then stop that action. If you get sick when you drink alcohol then stop drinking alcohol. You move from one job to the next, then stop doing that. Your kids hate you because you yell at them, then stop yelling. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. On the other hand, if your wife is nice to you because you’re nice to her keep doing that. Better yet go back to rule number 4. If you quit your job and do what I tell you in this book and it works, go back to rule number 4.

So the problem isn’t we can’t figure things out, it’s we never start. Discipline is the key and doing what you like.

Rule number 10. Follow rules 1 through 9

All your answers to life are in these 10 rules. If you follow these rules then you’ll have no crazy people hanging around you. You’ll make more money and waste less time. You’ll stop chasing windmills, and start cleaning up other people’s messes. Most importantly you’ll be freer from pain and suffering.

People will ask “what about a positive mental attitude”.

That’s a lie and doesn’t work. OK, then what isn’t a lie? What isn’t a lie is whatever you think. If you think something is not a lie then it must be true. Unless you’re lying to yourself, which you are so you can have another drink. Get another wife. Find another dead-end job. Be a victim. Hang around, stupid people. Get fatter and sicker, or whatever.

People will come up with all kinds of silly things to say. All these silly things are just dumb silly things. The only truth is your truth.

So I have spent a lifetime making every stupid mistake

I think most of my stupidity was just to see how I could fix it. So found that every self-destructive thing I did, could always be fixed. I discovered that you can always start over. Staring over is very hard to do, so better to follow these rules and avoid the pain and suffering.

This life goes by very quickly. Better to live it free from everyone and depend on no one but yourself. That’s what we are going to talk about next.


Excerpt from the book, How to get Rich, making big money from home. Mike Addis

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