What exactly is money, and how do we get it?

What exactly is money, and how do we get it?

I create money from nothing. So I sell something for money digits. My money is created out of thin air. My loaned money is created by my bank on its computer.

Money created in the form of digits

What exactly does that mean? I create money in the form of digits. So I buy a car or a house. My purchase creates a loan. The loan I get is based on my credit score. So if my score is over 750 I have A credit. If I have a lower score I pay more for my Loan.

Therefore the bank loans me $40,000 for a car. The bank creates money on their computer and gives the money to me. In other words, I created money from buying my car on credit. So If I don’t buy a car there is no created money.

There is no money

There is no money. It is created out of thin air by a bank. The bank sells me my own money I have on deposit. So digits going from their computer to my computer.

Money is magic

So why is it so hard for me to get money from a bank? Because isn’t hard to get money from a bank. The bank wants me to think it’s hard to get. If money is hard to get then it has value. It’s a sleight of hand trick which makes people try to figure out. You and I fight over trying to get made-up money.

Let’s make money

So let’s make money like cryptocurrency. I can make my own called Mike’s money. The problem is someone has to recognize my It to buy goods and services.

If there is enough agreement

Can we agree there isn’t any money? If we agree there isn’t, then we can begin making it together.

Where do I get the money and how?

How do I get more of these digits? The answer is to find out what’s needed and wanted and produce it.

I find undervalued assets that people don’t want in the form of real estate or computers. The seller and I agree on the price and I send him digits, he sends me a product.

Mike Addis, Carlsbad California, all rights reserved.

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3 thoughts on “What exactly is money, and how do we get it?

    • mike says:

      Money has no value. Money is created out of nothing or thin air by banks and governments. Search out good deals first then it’s easy to get the money. You just have to find the right deal first and all my videos and blogs tell you how to make money easily.

  1. Ayonuwe Shadrach says:

    The value placed on money makes it hard to get.one have to take the best and utilize the available resources

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