5 Reasons For Working At Home

5 reasons for working at home

5 Reasons For Working At Home

In this article, I’m going to tell you about 5 reasons for working at home!! The reason I work at home is that I hate to commute. Do you want to commute to work every day? I sure don’t, because it’s a waste of time and money. So living in a big metro market like Los Angeles or San Francisco means hours on the freeway daily and weekly.

So I am self-employed. Therefore it’s easier for me to work from home or live where I want because I don’t answer to anyone. If you are an employee this may not be possible.

So with that in mind, let’s look at the possibilities.

There are 5 primary reasons why I work from home and here they are.| 5 Reasons For Working At Home

Reason 1. Commuting to work is a waste of time and money. Easier and more cost-effective to get up and walk to your home office.

Reason 2. I get 10X more work done working at home alone. When I had my office there were too many people distracting me. So working from home reduces, in my case eliminates distractions. Therefore increases productivity.

Reason 3. My starting time is between 3 AM and 4 AM daily. Therefore my early starts eliminate me traipsing to the office just to send a text or email. Therefore it’s much more secure than opening a downtown office for example.

Reason 4. Owning several businesses and multi investments allow me early start times. So my 1 AM texts to a foreign country 14 hours ahead can be one and done. When I do get up people that work for me have completed or started their task I assigned. So this generates quick response time.

Reason 5. Speed happens immediately because I have no time delays or people interferences. Faster is better for me.

The downside to at-home offices

It’s not all fun and games working from home. If you are not a reclusive person like me you may need social contact. More importantly, your home office will produce more distractions depending on how many people are there with you.

Children running in and out of my office can have a downside, so how and where you set your home office up is very important. My office is in the front of the house with bedrooms way in the back, So early video conferencing doesn’t disturb anyone. However, if you don’t have space, like when I started in a one-bedroom apartment then it can be a bit difficult.

I’ve always managed to overcome space requirements even in small apartments. Therefore space is important, however, productivity increases 10 fold giving me more money to buy a bigger space.

You can live anywhere

I live exactly where I want to live. Most people adapt to where they live and give made-up reasons why they love it so much. Therefore working from home gives me the ability to live and work near the ocean. If I wanted to live in a downtown metro, that would be easy too because of no need for finding expensive office space.

Why it’s easy and better at home

Firstly, high-speed internet access makes living and working from home easy.

Secondly, social media apps allow me to visit with anyone around the world, so logistics don’t matter.

Thirdly, I get to cook meals for my family for lunch every day. No more junk food and since I love to cook there is an opportunity to try new meal experiments.

Fourthly, I still have two small children at home and by the time they wake in the morning, I have already worked 4 to 5 hours. So I am home for breakfast with the family.

Lastly, it’s safer because of COVID.

In other words, our family time together is greatly enhanced. So we spend more quality time together and eat healthier meals.

What’s the downside?

There are several downsides if you’ve made it this far in the blog post. So you may refute several if not all of my reasons for working from home.

So here is the downside for at home working.

  1. Your space is too small and you have a job that doesn’t allow distance work.
  2. A single parent with small children and they are not in daycare because COVID or just too young.
  3. Risk-averse, so having your own business is not happening
  4. You need social contact.
  5. Independence from others is not important

Working from home is not for everyone.| 5 reasons for working at home

For all the reasons and benefits I have for working from home, there are as many reasons why people don’t. Just like I believe working for others is harder than working for myself. My wife tells me I am totally wrong, that working for yourself is much harder, and she is right.

What I think is true and good for me is usually not what most everyone else thinks. Therefore decide what it is you want and like. For me, working from home, living where I want, and saving time and money are the primary reason why I work from home.So,I think now you have a proper idea about 5 reasons for working at home!

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