How to Outsource your Life

How to Outsource your Life

Outsourcing your life is simple and easy. So I’ll cut through the miles of agony, wasted time, and direct you through successful outsourcing.

Almost 100% of everything I do is outsourced. The things I don’t outsource is cooking, food shopping, and child care. I like cooking. So I can outsource personal and business jobs.

What is outsourcing

Outsourcing is having someone else do what you can’t or don’t want to do. For example, I can’t and don’t want to do graphic design. Therefore I hire a designer offshore at a reasonable price. He’s fast, professional, and available. If not cost-effective by a large margin, then don’t outsource.

Professional Outsourcing

All my professional work is outsourced. I find people through Upwork or Fiverr. I prefer Fiverr because it’s easy for me to understand and use. Once I find someone, I use them to see their performance. So if they perform, like my web designer, then I stay with them.

My SEO, Search engine optimizer lady is very good, and see her with me for the long term. Therefore once you find the right person make sure you keep them. I pay fast and require good communication.

Non-Professional Outsourcing

For non-professional outsourcing, I find through referrals. Like my freight broker. He is fast, fair with pricing, and provides me with low-priced warehousing when needed.

Labor is outsourced, but not customer service. Because customer service is personal, I prefer to keep that in house with over 30,000 customers.

Real Estate is managed by my family. They live free and manage the rest. This works best for me when your real estate is in a foreign country. So if I didn’t have family offshore I wouldn’t own property.

Offshore businesses are managed by family too. From trucking to construction. Trust is key, that’s why family is involved.

Personal Outsourcing

My landscaping, home repair, plumbing, electrical, and just about anything to do with my home is outsourced. The same for car repair and anything that requires some labor. Therefore I don’t do fixing stuff.

What I don’t outsource

I don’t outsource child care, food shopping, or cooking. Because I actually like doing this myself. All of my content writing and videos are done by me, except for video editing.

What’s the downside to Outsourcing

Firstly, it takes time for me to find the right person for the job. So don’t expect to find the exact person that fits your needs the first time. It is trial and error with more errors and trials.

Secondly, always expect a big learning curve. I have no knowledge of the job people I hire to do. Over time you will learn what’s possible. I learn the truth and possibilities of the job over time.

Thirdly, expect people to lie or deceive you. Because it’s human nature to hide what you do not know. So my old video guy wanted way more money than the market pays. He also wanted to do it over a longer period. Therefore I replaced him in one hour.

Fourthly, don’t make the relationships personal. It’s my nature to make things personal. Because it’s the way I think. Therefore people assume they can do what they want. Then I have to tell them no. If I keep the relationship business, then it works.

Lastly, I don’t compromise quality. If the work performed stinks, then I say so. Because once you compromise, then you will always get bad results.

Market value, the cost

All my work is based on market value. Therefore I pay based on the market value for work performed.

Don’t be fooled

Professional offshore people try to convince me why they charge more. I always find faster, better, and lower pricing, based on the market value. I focus on market value only. Don’t be fooled by what people tell you.

Set clearly defined goals.

I always set clearly defined job goals. So there are no discussions or problems for non-performance. Be clear with numbers and time frames.

Be tough

It’s my business so I’m tough. If not tough with time and quality then I lose. So once I compromise then it’s over. If my video guy does a bad job I send it back. Therefore If he’s smart he fixes it right. If he’s not smart then I replace him.

You can buy anything.

I can buy almost any service I want if I look hard enough. No matter what it is, it’s out there for a price. The prices are really cheap compared to what I pay in the states. Godaddy charges me $4500 for an e-commerce store I did it for $700. The quality is top-notch, and you want to copy other people’s stuff if you can.

Expect to pay more if the services come from North America. Eastern Europe is great and the quality of the work is wonderful. I have people In Pakistan, Bangladesh, Eastern Europe, and Morocco. Therefore 100% quality work performed.


I never work with people who are unavailable no matter how good they are. So if I don’t get relatively fast communication, then I find someone I can.

Patience and persistence

Do I outsource 100% of my businesses? No, I do not. Can I outsource 100%? Yes, I can, but I would compromise the quality. So I keep customer service and quality product control inside.

Patience in finding the right people is the key. Stay with the program, and reap the benefits over time.


Mike Addis, Carlsbad California

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