It’s never too late to start over

It’s never too late to start over

I specialize in starting over. So when most people quit, I just reshuffle the deck and deal myself a new hand. That’s the key to starting over. Never quitting and wiping the slate clean for the next go around

What’s the problem?

The problem is that most people live and die with each move on the board. So if it’s not going the way they planed or worse, expected, they quit. Often times just walk away. Therefore they never realize that making changes in mid-flight can alter your course for a better landing.

Failure works wonders

There isn’t any failure. Just another opportunity to correct what you thought was right. So now you realize you were wrong, and it’s time to fix it. There’s no reason to cry in your beer. So I “pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.” I believe it’s never too late to start over!

Starting over fixes everything.

I know a hundred reasons why people quit and don’t just start new. So my theory is starting over to make everything clear again. It redefines my goals. Even better my life. So let’s look at my top 10 reasons why people don’t start over.

My top 10 excuses.

  1. too old
  2. fear of failure
  3. I’m broke
  4. I’m alone
  5. too tired
  6. too sick
  7. family is against me
  8. no support group
  9. victimization or they did this too me
  10. race, color creed, and religion
  11. can’t figure it out
  12. need my spouse, friend, lover, or significant other

So that’s 11, actually, I could have added another 20.

Excuses abound

I have a million reasons not to start over. Because I’m now 67 and too old right? Therefore I should lay down and die because life is at an end. Are you kidding? I have a 2-year-old son. Actually, he’s 22 months.

Does that sound like a guy who quits living? Therefore age is just a number to me. So the older I get the younger I feel. In fact, I start over daily. So every day I wake with a new clean canvas to paint on. Because I hate excuses and whinny people. I don’t hate people but their moaning and complaining sound like a yappy dog.

My story

Firstly, I’ve been a millionaire several times and equally homeless.

Secondly, Lost and made millions. As in lost everything.

Thirdly, 5 wives, now on my 6th and she is the best.

Fourthly, I have 7 children and working on my 8th

Lastly, Traveled 10,000 miles to find and marry my wife.

So those are just the top 5. I’ve also transitioned from a successful 6 figure executive to a successful 7 figure entrepreneur and then back to zero.

The key to starting over.

I don’t listen to anyone. So I listen to myself. If I think it’s right I move on it. Therefore failure will come with action. Therefore action breeds failure. Inaction breeds nothing. So if you do nothing, you probably won’t fail at anything. Just life. So your life will not what you want. Therefore you will be miserable.

I embrace failure 

To me it’s not a failure, it’s a learning process. So I just learned what doesn’t work. Therefore if I didn’t think I could start over, then I wouldn’t try anything. So I would just stay in limbo. No heaven, no hell, just nothing.

People I know stay married for 25 years waiting for their kids to grow and leave the house. So then when their old they get divorced and find someone new at 65. So that makes no sense to me. Because everyone suffers that game, the kids, the parents, the family.

Clean slate

My clean slate starting over theory is based on one premise. It’s better. Because it makes you more productive and eliminates moving in the wrong direction.

You and I have limited time to accomplish something before we die. So why not make your short life worth living. Make it good for everyone. because it’s not just about you.


When you don’t start over and make things good in your life it affects everyone around you. So being selfish and not standing up and making that change affects everyone around you. Be a man, or woman, and start over.

Here’s how to start over.

  1. Remove all negative people from your life.
  2. Stop hoping and start doing. Action is what counts
  3. Don’t think too much, just make that move today
  4. Do the house cleaning today. Today is the day to wipe that slate clean.
  5. Make your primary focus starting over. job, spouse, business, whatever.

Just thinking about it should make you feel better.

The number 1 key to starting over |It’s never too late to start over

My number 1 rule for starting over is to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Therefore it’s only up to you. So you eliminate all the above-mentioned reasons for not starting over.

In conclusion.

I hate wasting time. Because it’s all I have left. So why not start the game over. Make changes today, and make that clean canvas an opportunity to get your life back for the better. So start from now what you want because it’s never too late to start over!


Mike Addis, Carlsbad, California.

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