Make your own Rules and Don’t Listen to Anyone

Make your own Rules and Don’t Listen to Anyone

Make your own rules, not someone else’s. So listen and doing are two different things. Gain knowledge and information, then act.

My rules

Firstly, read and learn as much as you can about what you are focused on and your goals.

Secondly, once you know what you want, then take action.

Thirdly, assume responsibility for everything that happens including the good, bad, and ugly.

Fourthly, If wrong, cut losses. If right then keep focused, repeat what works.

Lastly, never let the outside world move you to change.

Moving you to Change

The world is one giant laboratory of information. So this information turns into knowledge that I transform into action. Therefore information plus knowledge equals action. Simple but not easy. Staying on track is what stops most people because they allow information to change them.

My Story

I graduated from Bentley University back in 1975. So the plan then was to get a job and make some real money. General Electic offered me a job in their credit Department at $800 a month. “In other words, $800 in 1975 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $3,871.94 in 2020, a difference of $3,071.94 over 45 years.”

So I left GE 90 days later and took a job as a management trainee for Chrysler Corporation at $1680 a month. That’s equal to $8318 in today’s dollars. Just under $100,000 a year. In 60 days I went from trainee to District Manager at 21. I graduated from college at 20.

Therefore the rule back then was to get a job and stay with the company for 30 years and retire with a pension to play golf. If you changed jobs no one would hire you. I dispelled that theory fast.

Changing the rules

So right from the beginning, I changed the rules to suit my needs. It didn’t matter to me what anyone else said. So 1977 I was working for Chrysler in Bangor Maine freezing my ass off with 10 feet of snow on the ground.

Therefore I quit one snowy winter day calling my boss at a Chevron Station to give him the bad news. “You can’t quit he yelled!” Oh yeah, I said, watch me. The good news is I went from Maine winter to California warmth and sunshine, with no job.

You’re crazy!

My dad said I had lost my mind. My dear Uncle Mike said it was great! Because he was freezing his ass off in Boston and always wanted to move to Florida but his wife, my aunt wouldn’t go along with it. In a few years, Uncle Mike had a stroke and died at 62 never having done what he wanted.

So I drove cross country in 4 days and landed in San Francisco, then moved south to Belmont near Stanford and was swimming in March while it was snowing back home.

Therefore in less than two years, I went from a good job to a better one, then no job but better weather. So I took a job with Prudential and in three months I quit that job and went to work for Volkswagen. Selling life insurance wasn’t my thing.


In one year I left VW and took a partnership position in a VW/Mazda dealership in Modesto California. Because the money and ownership were now up to $3000 a month, $12,400 in today’s dollars, $148,800 a year today.

An entrepreneur is where I wanted to be. However, disagreements with partners ensued law suites, then settlement. Therefore I went on to another job with Mercedes Benz from 1980 to 1983 as a regional manager making $4200 a month or $14,701 in today’s dollars, or about $175,000 a year today.

Current situation.

In November 1983 I quit Mercedes and went out on my own again. So by following my own ideas and sticking with them and not listening to anyone I had come full circle to where I am today.

Multi-Million Dollar Business.

Now it’s a very bumpy road from 1984, but making money in my first month ended up being $67,000. That’s a month not a year and netting in my pocket about $6700. The next month netted $8300. So today it’s close to $30,000 net a month.

There were more wives and several children later, 7 to be exact, and other major changes along with going broke to zero and then back to millionaire status, then broke to zero again, etc. Making the same mistakes while expecting different results is considered insanity by Albert Einstein.

So for those who don’t know this quote by Albert, here it is. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Therefore I specialized in trying to disprove this quote. In fact, I spent years, and guess what? Albert was right!

What to Do

Making your own rules is great. However, it can cost a lot of time, energy, pain, suffering, and loss of money. So does this mean you shouldn’t make your own rules? I say it’s worth it. Doesn’t seem worth it when you’re homeless on your back with broken ribs (that’s a whole different story). However, I say it is if you get what you want and do it your way.

New Rules

  1. Don’t keep repeating the same actions expecting different results. The Einstein Rule.
  2. Learn as much as you can and stay focused. Women, booze, the internet, and other distractions abound.
  3. Save money, don’t spend it on stupid things that don’t make you money. Read the income-producing asset blog.
  4. The opposite sex has a way of turning you to the dark side. Dump your losers (see my video and blog)
  5. When you are wrong stop, evaluate, and change course. See my blog on Starting Over.

Simple common sense stuff. So is losing weight but everyone is overweight, me too.

Warren Buffet Rules

Here’s the thing.

When I played by other’s rules I was living what they wanted. So I realized when I was 12 that my rules were better. By 16 I was making more than my dad working less than 50% than him.

My problem was I didn’t understand the rules of the game. Today I live in a beautiful house near the ocean in San Diego, with a beautiful wife and two small children at the tender age of 67. My youngest son is less than 2. That’s another rule breaker we can discuss later.

Rule Breaker

All my income goes to my family, and that includes my Ethiopian relatives of which there are many. Therefore I have zero income but control millions in income-producing assets. Still confused? If you decide to play by your rules you will find it leads to totally different things than everyone tells you. Like having little kids when others retire, a wife half my age, and assets in east Africa.

In Conclusion

It’s a long road less traveled by those who seek Making Their Own Rules, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun and profitable if you’re willing to take that road.


Mike Addis, Carlsbad California, all rights reserved


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