Get your foot in the Door

How to get more business. Get in the door

How do I get my foot in the door? If you want more business or more anything, you have to get in the door. Wating at the curb won’t get you anywhere.

Sucking your thumb

So sitting on the curb sucking your thumb hoping someone will give you anything doesn’t work. Therefore you have to make contact. So if you need money you have to get in the door of the bank. Or Fintech company.

Crybabies need not apply. Sending emails doesn’t work either. Because I can send a thousand emails and accomplish more with one phone call.

It’s the phone stupid.

Bill Clinton beat¬† George HW Bush back in 94 for the Presidency with the one simple phrase by Jim Carvell. “It’s the economy stupid.”. So the same applies here. Because if you want to get anything you need to make the call. So pick up the phone and call someone you want something from. Because “it’s the phone stupid.”

No one uses the phone.

Our new way is to not talk with anyone. So you send out hundreds of emails and use social media when all it takes is a phone call. Therefore you get no results.

Billionaires, Authors, and Celebrities

I’ve talked with billionaires. So I just picked up the phone and called them. You would be amazed at how rich people love you when you have the guts to contact them. So if you want to stand out you need to get your foot in the door first. Once you’re in, you’re in.

When I wanted to learn about SEO, search engine optimization I first bought the top books. Will Coombe is a case in point. Here’s his book, 3 months to # 1.

He didn’t pick up but I manage to get an email off to him and then the dialogue ensued. So by pursuing him he gave me free information on how to promote my new e-commerce store Mozack Tech. He even sent me a personal 7-minute video on my e-commerce store. In return, I bought his book and gave him a 5-star review.

Larry McMurtry, Brokeback Mountain

The acclaimed author and screenwriter Larry McMurtrey who won the academy award for his movie Brokeback Mountain actually picked up the phone and we had a wonderful conversation. My reason was I wanted to buy all his 1 million books I heard was up for sale in his small Texas town.

So did he sell me his 4 warehouses? No, because he said the story was bogus and if he needed money he could “aways write another Hollywood script”. So I asked him several questions and he went on to talk about how he was originally a bookdealer in D.C. and how he became a writer.

How I get more business

Therefore when I want more products and suppliers I get on the phone and get my foot in the door. Here’s how the conversation goes.

Me “Hi, my name is Mike Addis, and I want to buy big quantities of your product” “who can I talk to about this?”

Receptionist: “That would be Jim Cole”

Me “can you put me through and first, can I have his direct line and email please”?

The receptionist gives me what I want and puts me through but of course, Cole isn’t there. So now I have exactly who the person is I need to do business with. Therefore sending an email to some customer service or sales dept will get me nowhere fast. Because the bigger the company, the fewer people in it know who is running what department.

My 11 Rules for Getting in the Door.

  1. You need to stand out. There are a thousand competing with you.
  2. Make a phone call for immediate results or information
  3. Tell the person who you are, what you offer, and how it benefits them. The key is to offer what they want.
  4. Follow up with an email and phone call if you don’t get an answer in 24 hours.
  5. If that doesn’t work go to the owner of the business.
  6. If the owner will not talk with you go to the higher-level management you get what you want.
  7. Sometimes you have to go to lower-level people like warehouse people who will tell you who the real person is that will help you. receptionists sometimes know more than the CEO.
  8. Don’t be afraid to talk with celebrities or billionaires. There are know great people.
  9. The same applies to banks, lenders, mortgage brokers, professional people, or personal relationships of the opposite sex, or same-sex if you prefer.
  10. Persistence wins the day in all cases.
  11. Take responsibility. You only get what you want when you take control.


Kaypro Computer is a case in persistence and getting in the door. The Solana Beach California computer company was a publicly-traded competitor of IBM. So I see an article they are having financial trouble in the Wall Street Journal and they are about 10 miles away from me.

Therefore I call and ask for the manager who’s name is Bob. The owner is Andy Kay, but he’s not available. So one year straight I called these guys to talk about buying up their inventories in an 80,000 square foot warehouse that goes 3 levels high. That’s one call per week except for holidays,

On a late Friday sitting at my desk, I get a call. “This is Bob from Kaypro and I want to speak with Mike.” The next day I visit Bob and end up buying most of their warehouse and make a small fortune in return.

Current situation

The exact same situations apply today. Because we have the internet and texting it’s easier but in a way harder. People don’t usually use the phone. So what do I do? I make the call and do exactly what I did a year ago. Because it’s easier to make phone contact because no one does it anymore.

Today I will call a Washington supplier and find out how I can buy direct instead of through a middleman. So the plan is to make a direct supplier contact and buy their products resulting in more profits for me and them.


There are thousands or millions of people competing with you for something, personal or business. If you don’t stand out and let them know who you are and what you offer then you’ll never get anywhere.

Get your foot in the door, make contact, then follow up with persistence. Tell people exactly what you want and what you have to offer them. I always speak directly and not dance around the issue at hand. So when I want something I tell the person “this is what I want”, and this is what I offer.

The worse that can happen is they say no. The best is they say yes and a beautiful relationship has begun by getting your foot in the door.


Mike Addis, Carlsbad California, all rights reserved


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