How to find unlimited opportunities


How to find unlimited opportunities

I see opportunity in all things. So let’s choose which ones to take.

Opportunities come in all forms

There are many opportunities every day that come across my desk. So I have to decide which ones are right for me to take. In addition, I need to make sure I include the risk factor before I take the leap.

Opportunity Today

I have hundreds of opportunities to choose from every year. Therefore I have to decide which ones to take and when to pass. Since I have so many, I have to break down which ones I am even going to look at further or discount immediately.

My Rules on Opportunity

Since I am looking primarily at opportunities involving increasing family wealth, I will focus on these and not unrelated opportunities.

  1. The size of the opportunity is it big enough
  2. Risk versus Reward
  3. Timing. is the time right, or should I wait and watch.
  4. Am I prepared to go all-in or just test the water?
  5. If yes, then take action immediately

Why there is no Opportunity

Opportunities only arise when you look for them. Therefore to the degree that you are prepared to recognize opportunity, to that degree will you see them.

If you’re not always looking for opportunities then you’ll most likely never see them. Therefore opportunities are created no generated. The Opportunity Fairy doesn’t tap you on the shoulder and says “over here stupid”.

 Opportunities are not by Chance or Luck

People will often have you believe that their wealth came from dumb random luck. Nothing could be further from the truth. In other words, being at the right place at the right time will give you more opportunities than others will get.

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