My Favorite Books


My Favorite Books

I am a voracious reader. So every day begins with coffee and reading. In other orders, a day never passes without reading for several hours.

What Do I Read and Why?

When it comes to books I read things that will help me improve my businesses. Therefore I never read a book for pleasure unless it’s Bill Bryson or the “On Writing” book by Stephen King. I read the biography of business entrepreneurs and investors.

How I read.

I use the Amazon Kindle and have for years now. So maybe about 200 audio and ebooks. Mostly e-books, because I want to reference back if I need to.

My Kindle works because I can read anywhere anytime and don’t have to lug around books, although I do love paper books and will collect the ones I like most. Unfortunately, I do give books away from time to time, especially when my oldest son arrives. He carts away all my favorite ones.

Here are my must-read books.

And you will rarely find my books on bestseller lists where the masses devour highly marketed books. My reads are for the special focus want to make big change readers.

  1. Financier The biography of Adre Meyer (the number one partner at Lazard, the Wall Street banker)
  2. The Ascent of Money by Nial Ferguson (all about money)
  3. The Predators Ball by Connie Bruck ( a great book about Mike Milken, the uber billionaire financier who created the whole finance industry using junk bonds, until he went to jail)
  4. On Writing by Stephen King (a must-read for writers. although most writers have never read this book that I know off)
  5. The 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferris (a BS title but a good bs book to read)
  6. The 4-hour Body by Tim Ferris (if you really want to lose weight and get healthy, this is the book…period)
  7. Snowball Warren Buffett and the business of life (this is an authorized warren Buffet book, and covers many details you will not find everywhere on this guy)
  8. Rich Dad Poor day by Kiyosaki (another BS book but he makes the case for being an entrepreneur)
  9. Any and all Michael Lewis Books. He has several.
  10. Liars Poker (Lewis first books)
  11. The Big Short, Michael Lewis (check out the movie too)
  12. Money Ball, Michael Lewis
  13. Berkshire Hathaway Anual reports (these are not books but they read like them and there is a book out there too that Warren Buffet recommends reading.)
  14. The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham
  15. Poor Charlies Almanac
  16. The Merchant Bankers by J. Weschberg
  17. The Narrow Road by Felix Dennis (one of my favorite on entrepreneurship)
  18. How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis (another number 1 favorite)
  19. Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins (a classic must-read on how we print money)
  20. The Warren Buffett Way by R. Hagstrom
  21. The Last Tycoon by William Conan (Book on the House of Lazard)
  22. The Months to N0. 1 by Will Coombe. (this is on SEO work (search engine optimizer))
  23. Tribes by Seth Godin
  24. Security Analysis by Graham, Dodd
  25. Money Culture by Michael Lewis

Non-Business for Fun Books

  1. A Walk in The Woods by Bill Bryson ( I recommend the unabridged audio read by Bryson. He is way too funny)
  2. On Writing by Stephen King (Audiobook too unabridged by Stephen King) The definitive book on writing by the guy that’s sold about 300 million copies.
  3. I’m a Stranger Here Myself Bill Bryson. (Get the audio unabridged version read by Bill)
  4. Malcolm Gladwell Books and there are several like Goliath, Blink, The Tipping Point, Outliers, Talking to Strangers and others. I pretty much like the way he writes so almost anything is good. I don’t agree with what he says but he does have some very good points.
  5. Sh*t my Dad Says by Justin Halpern (if you really want to laugh this is it, especially if you’re a guy)

Biographies Must Reads.

  1. Titan the Life of John D. Rockefeller Sr. by Ron Chernow ( this is a must-read)
  2. John Adams  by David McCullough  (any book by McCullough, now of my favorite writers and historians)
  3. 1776 By McCullough (if you want to know how this country got started)
  4. Metal Men Mark Rich and the 10 Billion Dollar Scam by A. Copetas )must-read on how to make a billion working format one-bedroom apartment with phones and no internet.
  5. Grinding it Out by Ray Croc (making of McDonald’s)
  6. King of Capital by Ray Carey
  7. The Way I see it by Temple Gandin (classic on Autism)
  8. Joseph Bonanno a Man of Honor by Joe Bonanno
  9. The House of Morgan by Ron Chernow (Classic on JP Morgan)
  10. The Rothschilds by Nial Ferguson (another classic by Ferguson)
  11. Money Talks Bull Sh*t Walks by Sam Zell (he’s the king of commercial real estate and tells it like it is)

Trading Books (as in stocks commodities futures etc.)

  1. by Jack D. Schwager books. All of them and here they are
  2. Stock Market Wizards
  3. Market Wizards
  4. The New Market Wizards
  5. Unknown Market Wizards
  6. Hedge Fund Market Wizards

My Books are for those would be small business entrepreneurs, investors, and Bio freaks.

I have read over 1000 books and will update my list every so often. This is a good start. So the more you read the better entrepreneur and investor you’ll become.

Mike Addis, Carlsbad California all rights reserved

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