How to Get Money From Government

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How to Get Money From Government

I have obtained six-figure long term government loans, and so can you.

The Process

It’s never been a better time to get government money. So interest rates are at an all-time low and the government is printing out more money every day. Therefore if you don’t jump in and get cheap money from the government when you don’t need it. Then it may be impossible later when you do need it.

My Step by Step Process

  1. Act now
  2. Read about all SBA Government assistance Programs
  3. Contact your bank and learn what they offer. I use only big banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America.
  4. Going through your bank, fill out your online form, and get it in today.
  5. If you don’t have a company then form one.
  6. Rates are as low as 1% to 3.5% with terms up to 30 years. So go for big long terms with low rates

How Big Companies Do It

Big companies like Apple always chase cheap money even though they sit on over 100 billion in cash. Why? Because if money is offered through Bonds (Long Term Debt), then it’s always good to grab it while rates are low.

Therefore Apple and companies like them chase big money loans through bonds) when they don’t need the cash. Apple knows that rates will go up eventually and the cost of money will be more expensive in the future.

“Apple is offering $2 billion in 0.75% notes set to mature in 3 years, $2.25 billion in 1.125% notes due in 5 years, $1.75 billion in 1.65% notes maturing in 10 years, and $2.5 billion in 2.65% notes due in 30 years.” CNBC News

Bad Loans

Bad government loans are when you borrow money for personal reasons at high-interest rates and short terms (like 12 to 24 months). Therefore never borrow government money when rates are high to buy a car or a gold watch. Money is borrowed to earn more money.

Pro and Con


  1. Cheap money with long term rates
  2. The government is giving money away today
  3. Easy to apply through your name
  4. Loan Forgiveness may be out there, but don’t bet on it


  1. You have to pay it back on time
  2. Must have the cash flow to pay for the loan. Never loan more than you can easily payback
  3. If you lie on your application, you go to jail
  4. You can be audited by the IRS, so make sure everything is straight up

PPP Paycheck Protection Program


Free money is through the Paycheck Protection Program where the government will loan you money at 1% and then forgive the loan, As of today’s blog, the government is negotiating to issue more free money. So stay tuned for further developments and keep an eye on how the rollout will occur.

Once again your bank will help you through this process or you can check out the SBA (Small Business Association ) website.

Make sure you check out the above web site because there are several non-SBA sites that are pushing their own programs and interpretation of available loans.

Start a Business

Here are my simple steps for starting your own business to get government money.

  1. For a sole proprietorship
  2. Ask the bank what they require to open a sole proprietorship bank account
  3. Open an eBay and Amazon account and start selling whatever you have around the house.
  4. Don’t spend any money. Save everything you can and find more things to buy and sell.

The COVID Deal

The COVID will last for another year but eventually, go away. Therefore the time is right to get going with your business and apply for PPP and long-term business loans.

Once COVID relief ends and things go back to normal then money will dry up and rates will increase.


As of today, January 1, 2021, it looks like the PPP program will be back in force soon. Therefore you will be able to get more government money through the Paycheck Protection Program. I am not sure when the exact rollout date will be because it just went down, but I would get ready to work through your bank and get ready to receive some free money.

Nothing is free, so you’ll need to set up a company and see if you can make money. You’ll be able to apply for the program. So with a company, you’ll also be able to apply for SBA loans. I’m not sure how that will work for new companies because my company is over 10 years. So checking this out with your local bank is probably a good idea.

Nothings easy

Anything worth having takes time, effort, and patience. In other words, if it’s worth having, it’s probably worth fighting for and it’s not easy. So there’s no sense in me telling you how easy it is because getting government money is not. However, it’s a hell of a lot easier now than pre-COVID.


It’s never too late to start the process. In other words, time flies when you’re having fun, so open those sales platforms today, form your company, open a bank account, and apply for government money today.

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