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My name is Mike Addis and I do Mike Addis YouTube Videos and write the maddiscash.com blog.

All this information and content from my videos and blog is written by me. In other words, it’s all from my personal experiences.

I have over 40 years’ experience in owning, operating, and investing my money in private and public companies along with real estate investing both here (USA) and abroad. So I have bought and or sold over $400,000,000 in everything from automobiles to franchises with companies like Mercedes Benz, General Electric, Dell Computers, and International Bank of Commerce. I was once a banker too.

These are the 3 things you get in my YT videos

I show people how to:

  1. Own, operate and invest in small businesses. This includes starting your business from home with zero cash.
  2. Invest and trade stocks in publicly traded companies like Apple Computer, Ford, And GM with over a 25% return. I’m up to over 50% this year 2020.
  3. How to invest in real estate here and around the world. So I’ve bought, sold, and held over 100 properties over the years and I show you how to make cash the same day you purchase a property. This includes owning 100% of the property yourself or lending small amounts in crowdfunding. I expect Real Estate returns of over 100% per year based on appreciation and cash flow.

My YouTube viewers tend to be hardcore men and women who want to improve their lives by creating cash flow and increase their wealth by owning and operating their own business and investing in real estate. So my videos teach people how to this all from the comfort of their home. So you must have a good computer with high-speed internet access.

I hate commuting and working for companies.

My past experience of managing Fortune 500 businesses for 10 years taught me that I didn’t want to do this for the rest of my life. So in 1985, I decided to work for myself, and in my first year, I had an income of over $100,000 which is about twice that in today’s dollars.


Today I continue to manage businesses and look for ways to invest in them. In other words, I am not a professional YouTube video marketer. So the guys that show you airplanes, cash on the table, beautiful women and make all kinds of outlandish claims of getting rich in a few minutes if only you’ll buy their book or something else they are trying to sell, you’ll not find in any of my videos ever.

The information in this blog post is from my personal experiences and does not mean you will get the same results. In other words, my experiences can be modified and simulated to fit each individual needs. Since my needs for creating income and wealth are not the same as yours, then you will need to create your own plan for financial wealth.

My ideas and opinions come from many sources, however, I instituted what works for me and then tested my theories to see if they would actually work in real life. So my trial and error experiences eventually resulted in producing theories that actually work, for me.

The keywords here are what works for me.

For example

My personality is more of a trader than an investor. So a trader to me is someone that buys and sells something rapidly with cash being the outcome. In other words, I expect immediate results when I trade because this is the way I think and it fits y personality.

So I am also an investor to which means I will hold assets over time to recognize in increased appreciation. So real estate would be a good example as I have no intention to ever sell any of my properties. Therefore this thinking is contrary to my personality but I am willing to adjust my personality to get the result requires. In this case, holding the asset real estate indefinitely.

What’s the point

My point in the above example fits my plan. So if you try to execute based on my way of thinking then there is no basis for your outcome. In my opinion, you may very well fail, assuming your needs are the same or different.

You must design a plan that fits your personality and make adjustments to your personality, as I have done in the above example if you want a different outcome.

The simplest way of saying all this is to design a way of investing and being an entrepreneur so that it fits you. As opposed to finding a plan and making your personality fit it.

What works

As I’ve written in other posts, discover what works for you, and keep doing it. So make your own set of rules for investing and monitor the outcome. So if the outcome works then keep doing it. If not then adjust and work it until it does.


If you want to increase your cash flow, build your wealth, and live a free and fulfilling life for you and your family, the Mike Addis YT channel is for you.


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