How can I boost the sale on my E-commerce website?

My answer on Quora: How can I boost the sale on my E-commerce website?

Now, this is a great question. I sell millions of dollars through my e-commerce sites and boosting sales is my number one priority. Boosting profits too.

MY List: How can I boost the sale on my E-commerce website?

  1. List more products
  2. Always have a sale going. I’ll explain why later.
  3. Buy more products to list at great prices.
  4. Sell Big Brand name products. This will bring more people to your site.
  5. Spend Adsense money if you have your own e-commerce site.
  6. Free freight. Or free something.
  7. Sell on the biggest e-commerce stores like eBay and Amazon
  8. Have multiple sites

Let’s look at these in-depth: How can I boost the sale on my E-commerce website?

List more products. The more products I can list the more sales I get. It only makes sense if I Have 100 items for sale, and then add another 100 items, I’ll see more sales. This is the number one reason people sell less than their potential. So if you want to grow your business, you need to show your e-commerce buyers more products.


Always have a sale. The one thing that drives growth and sales besides having more products listed is a sale. The fact is, through years of experience, if I have a sale, and you do not, and we are selling the exact same item. Then I will usually sell more. Even if my bottom line price is higher than yours? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s 100% true because I have tested this so many different ways. The first question I always ask my people is? Do we have a sale on? If they say, No it expired yesterday. I say well put a sale on today. There should be a reason for a sale every month, not just the big holidays. Sales drive people to buy.

More products to sell

Buy more products, and list them. If you run out or are running low on products then buy more and list it. My number one focus is to find new sources of products to buy. Sometimes we get lazy and stop hunting for new and better products. This is a growth killer. All of a sudden you have all this cash, which I have, and no new products coming in to feed my customer base of over 30,000. Never stop finding new sources of products.


Sell BIG BRAND NAMES. I only sell big brand name products like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, and HP. I decided long ago that I would never create my own products but sell other people’s big brand names. The reason it’s easier to do and more profitable. Since I sell mostly used items and closeouts, I always have new items popping up on my site. If I want to add new items I CAN ALWAYS dropship from mega-vendors like Ingram Micro. If you sell no-name items or your own brand, then consider adding some big brands to your mix. These people have spent billions on advertising and research to create their brand. You can never duplicate what they have done, but you can add them to your mix.

Google Adsense

Spend Adsense Google money. Now I have yet to actually do this but I have been told by FaceBook sellers that it works. So take this into consideration. Call Google Adesne on the phone, which I have done. They are there to help you spend your money using their ads. Test it first with $100 and see how it plays out.

Free Freight. Free anything

Offer Free freight. For that matter offer anything you can that says FREE. If you buy this Surface Pro 4, you get a Free Surface Genuine adapter. Or advertise FREEE freight. If your competition offers free freight then you better offer it too. Stay in touch with promoting sales and free freight, then watch your business grow.

eBay and Amazon

Sell on the biggest e-commerce sites. I do both. I can always sell direct, but I can never duplicate what the biggest players like eBay and Amazon offer me. Millions of views daily. Once you get these platforms to work for you, you can always link your own e-commerce store.

And add multiple stores. I have several eBay stores for example. Some sell in big lots, others just retail

These are the top items I have used for the last 10 years to grow my business and they definitely work for me. Try using the easiest ones first like sales and free freight. Test the market and see how it goes. Get those items laying around that you have yet to list.

TOP First Page

Get to the top 5 items on each site through price and sales. So your item should be number one when you look at Amazon or eBay for example. In this game, if you are not in the first position on eBay and Amazon, you have a lesser chance to sell your item. The closer to the top position the more chance for a sale. So when people are hunting to buy, you want to be in that first position always if at all possible.

If not number 1 search on these sites then at least be on the first page. The higher you are to the top the more sales.

Amazon is keyed to price. So if you have the lowest price you are in the first position.


Most importantly, do what you need to do every day. One day at a time and test to see what works best.

Mike Addis. Carlsbad California


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