e-commerce customer service and delivery. How it should work.

There are several things that we use in our e-commerce business to make things run smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Good efficient software to know what’s happening all the time. Orders in, out, and tracking. Also inventory controls. So we don’t sell something we no longer have.
  2. Answer all customer questions immediately. The customer has a question and a concern. Don’t make them wait.
  3. Make sure all packages are wrapped professionally so there are no damage claims. Damage claims are time-consuming and costly because carriers do not like to pay insurance claims so avoid them at all costs. If you have fragile breakable items use Fragile stickers.
  4. Fragile stickers are one thing we require because we ship technology. If the carriers throw the item during shipping we have no control over that but I want my customers (we have over 30,000) to know we care about their purchase.
  5. Take returns back and credit the customer immediately. People do not like to wait for their money. Same day product arrived make sure you credit them back.

Bad workers and other stuff

  1. I have no patience for bad workers. I expect people to be on time and focus on their work, not their cell phones. When people arrive at work their deliveries should be ready to go, assuming they are making them. If it’s an e-commerce business like ours we have USPS, FedEx, and UPS drop-offs. We ship every day except Saturday and Sunday, and postal holidays.
  2. USPS (the post office). Most people don’t know that the post is opened 7 days a week. I’m not sure they even close on holidays. They are always opened where I live because it is a post office Depot. Try to ship your USPS items from the depot.
  3. Scan big-ticket items over a certain dollar amount if those items are insured. If the item is lost and never scanned at the drop-off point then you’re in trouble if it’s lost. Not scanned in means it was never dropped of to the shipper.
  4. Track your items daily. Make sure you take a random check to see if your items are actually moving along. Be proactive in this game. Don’t wait for the customer to complain if he or she doesn’t see any movement on the shipment/order.
  5. Try to think or at least pretend to be like an owner. These are my customers and I want them to be happy. I’m not in your position so I see my business as being something I need to care about and nurture and focus on daily. My success is dependant upon my customers being happy. If they leave me then no income.

Rating from your customers on how you’re doing

I like rating systems which is one of the reasons I encourage my customers to rate me and comment. If you are not on a rating or comment platform like Amazon or eBay then I would encourage the owners to have at least a comment section.

There’s nothing better than having your customers tell you how much they love you or not. This keeps you aware of what’s really going on out there. So the bad news is when you get a bad rating. But is it really bad? The answer is bad news or ratings from customers are actually good.

Bad or not very nice comments from customers and low ratings like on our eBay store tell me what we are not doing right. It also gives us the opportunity to correct the error. I can’t tell you how many times we have reversed a negative rating to a positive rating. So if you do get a bad rating and or comment. do the following.

Bad rating and comments. What do?

Heres’ the step by step process for bad rating or comments on eBay or Amazon stores.

  1. Contact the customer and find out what exactly they want.
  2. Give them what they want. oftentimes customers are just frustrated about who knows what? They just want someone who will listen and talk to them.
  3. Correct the issue and ask the customer to reverse their negative feedback.
  4. Never get mad or talk back to the customer and never try to be right. This just creates more problems and you’ll never remove the negative feedback or comment.

Our postal system

People don’t realize how great our postal system really is. I lose maybe less than 1/10th of 1% of my packages going through the post. If something is not scanned when delivered then call the post where the package was going out and you’ll find that the people that work at the post are good. I have found several. Always get a supervisor. Talk with people in charge, that’s why they are in charge.

I have zero tolerance for people being late and not interested in their jobs. No cell phone use while on the job. Give one warning and then get rid of people that really don’t care about their jobs. Praise and reward people that go above and beyond their jobs. I always promote from within.

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