How can you improve business decisions?

There are several ways to improve business decisions.

Here’s my list.

  1. If the numbers make sense then take action
  2. You have to be small before you can be big
  3. Don’t jump too fast, unless you have number 1 in place.
  4. Start a small test and build as you see measurable results.
  5. Listen to what the market says. Don’t listen to analysts or talking heads.
  6. When you can see you’re right on, jump in with both feet.

These are generalized items but apply in my asset recovery business and investments in public/private companies and real estate investing.

Nigerian Business

For example, I started a business in Nigeria for a few hundred dollars. So far sales have exploded with a simple idea, which wasn’t even mine. As sales increase and double, I add more infrastructure. More capital to create more product and watch as sales grow. If sales and profits continue to grow at current levels then I’ll add more capital to expand even more.

I used the above top 5 items to move forward on this investment.

Another example is real estate investing in Ethiopia. I started with 2 buildings at a reasonable price on a 1/2 acre lot. My family there built the compound with my cash and zero debt. The property was finished in 2018 and has since almost tripled in value.

Real Estate Investments

From this real estate investment, I went on to build and renovate 4 more properties for a total of 6 buildings. The formula I used for the first investment taught me how to proceed. Currently, my total investments are up 100% and more plans are in play to expand. This is over a 3 year period. I anticipate that these properties will double again in value over the next 2 years based on current conditions.

Another example is my investments in public companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook. Microsoft too.

When all the analysts and naysayers said that these companies were over in 2020, I decided that these companies were the only ones worth investing in. This was before March 2020 and the COVID. After COVID these companies tanked, then all of a sudden they rose through the roof because they were the only companies that were making money, and they knew how to do it remotely.

My investments in these companies rose through the roof and I finished up well over 50% for 2020. I only regret was I didn’t jump in with both feet as I advised in the above top 5 list. In other words, I could have made well over $500K or more if I only added to my position instead of listening to other people.

Gamestop Blow Out

The other case in point was my investment in Gamestop at $5 and now at over $200. I did not have the courage of my convictions to hold that position as it rose to $7. I sold out instead of holding about 2000 shares. My $14,000 investment if I held it would be $233 a share X 2000 shares or $466,000. So you could say I lost over $450K by not just sitting and doing nothing.

I am sitting on a solid Apple position today. I am up this year by over 10%. The new numbers come out today. I will hold my position and see what happens. Since I am up on Apple I can make a nice profit in January but past experiences tell me not to sell out now.

The hardest part in all business decisions is having the courage of your convictions to proceed and test, then hold and maintain your decision.

I proceeded with action in my asset recovery business and have held that position for over 35 years. Have made several million and acquired many assets over that time. Unfortunately, I have fallen off the wagon more than once having to start over again mostly due to bad personal decisions.


Improving my business decisions is based on trial and error. So the more experiences I have the more I learn. Therefore my learning experiences never end. In fact, my learning intensifies and I seem to have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and information. I’m always fascinated and overly curious about how people make money, build businesses and find new and creative ways to invest their capital.

My blog posts are actually an effort to learn more about my business and investments so answering these questions helps me to learn more. The more I learn the better I get in my investments and operating my businesses.

Business decision making is the culmination of my intensive focus and wanting to learn everything I can about what I do to make money and operate businesses. Therefore I know if I hold to the above-mentioned rules then I will make enough good decisions and reap the rewards.

The courage of your convictions will determine how much you can make. Knowing when to dive in up to your neck and go for it when you know that everything is right will determine just how much you’ll actually make.

Mike Addis Carlsbad, Calfornia


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