Even with more than 100 offers sent to a buyer request, can I have a chance to get hired in Fiverr?

Great question. I actually use Fivrre to hire people for all kinds of services so I can’t speak from the seller side but I can as a buyer.

These are the things I look for as a buyer on Fivrre.

  1. How fast is the response? I always go with the fastest response time. I never wait for days.
  2. Fast communication. Don’t talk to 10 guys at the same time. Choose one guy and talk with him and answer questions quickly. If you can handle two, that’s okay.
  3. Make good custom offers. If I ask someone for ABC, Don’t offer DEF. Match the offer with the requestion and speed is of the essence.
  4. This is a numbers game. The more communication you have the more chances you will get the deal.

Never argue with your buyer

  1. Never argue with the buyer. I had one guy that was debating me. This isn’t a debate. As a seller, your job is to be nice and convince the buyer you are the right person. I don’t want someone telling me I don’t understand.
  2. Do not overcharge me. I had one guy do good work for me then he wanted almost double the next time around and for a much longer period of time. Needless to say, I went with the guy that offered less and did it in 1/3rd the time. That man has been with me for almost a year now.
  3. Americans have a different culture. Try to get in tune with the culture you are dealing with. If you are night and I am just getting up. The greeting is a good morning, not a good evening. I’m amazed at how much people do not try to relate to the customer.

If you are night and I am day, then you need to work night if that’s where your buyers are. My guys go to bed a 4 am. They work my hours not me working theirs.

Accommodate your customers, and don’t think you can overchange because we are westerners. The main reason I used Fivrre is because of the price and quality of work.

2 thoughts on “Even with more than 100 offers sent to a buyer request, can I have a chance to get hired in Fiverr?

    • mike says:

      Go for it. Find electrical appliance drop shipper and ask them if they have things they want to dump. They may have returns too they need to sell. Mike

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