The Fundamentals

So Before you move from employee to eCommerce entrepreneur watch and read  this. (Cetism Youtube Channel)

Do you really need this online course? The answer is no you do not. I have a list of books you can read and other information I give for free (below), so you can learn and try to piece it all together. Therefore I believe if you are committed and focused and don’t mind making mistakes and or losing money from time to time you can definitely do this on your own. In other words, you will be giving up a certain amount of your time in order to gain the financial independence you want, but you can still do it and I make it available to you for 100% free, no strings attached.

If you decide that you don’t want to go through the year-long learning curve then by all means you really may want to consider investing your time and money into this course. I have over 40 years of experience most of which focused on buying and reselling undervalued assets. This is called “asset recover”. The simple definition is “Asset recovery, also known as investment or resource recovery, is the process of maximizing the value of unused or end-of-life assets through effective reuse or divestment.” Therefore I look to buy or receive for free on consignment assets (mainly big brand name assets like Nike shoes or Apple iPhones) and buy them for a price well below market value, what people will actually pay for these items in the marketplace.

I have bought and sold well over 100 million dollars in assorted assets from automobiles, real estate, computers, and related accessories, coins, athletic footwear, jewelry, books, memorabilia, you name it, I may have bought and sold it.

Cetism is the name of one of my eBay stores. So just put Cetism in your google search and that’s me in the first position of your search.

The reason your google search shows me in the first position is that I’ve had my eBay store for over 10 years. October 7, 2010 is my start date. So click on the number of feedbacks I have next to my name and you’ll see my 5-star rating of over 7,100. This means 35% of my 20,000 transactions, people took the time to give me a 5-star rating.

What exactly does this mean, and how does this benefit you?

It means that I have packed and shipped about 20,000 boxes over this period generating over $2,230,000 in sales or about $100 plus per sale on average. That’s just this one eBay store and I have two others. The average eBay seller gets somewhere between 20% and 30% buyer feedback. So why am I at 35%? Between 5% to15% above the average 5-star feedback? Because my customers love the products I sell them, the speed of my shipment, and the lowest prices I offer, that’s why.

This benefits you because I have also shipped an additional 10,000 items from my other eBay and Amazon stores so now you know that I know how to pack and ship and take care of my customers. My 5-star ratings are for everyone to see on my eBay stores of which I am a top-rated seller, and the same applies to my Amazon stores.

Now there are people that ship 30,000 boxes a month.

However, I don’t know any of them that teaches a course on how to do this stuff because they are too busy shipping boxes. Therefore you and I will take a close look at who they are and what exactly they sell because we need to know that.

In fact the more we know about other people that succeed at this game your about to get involved in the better it will be for both of us, because you and I are in this together.

The hardest thing for most people to do is to transform themselves from employee to entrepreneur (or BUSINESS OWNER). The reason for this is that giving up the security of a paycheck versus the unknown income of a small business owner is very difficult to get your head around.

For me, the transition came in 1984 when I just couldn’t stand interviewing for jobs I knew I would leave in less than a year. 8 jobs in 10 years told me I would just be making the same mistake only with a different company.

Einstein says repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is an insanity. So I was definitely certifiably insane. I didn’t like being crazy so I decided to start my own business from home without a computer, cell phone or internet. Just a legal pad, pen, calculator, and old dial-up land line phone from my kitchen table in Los Angels one-bedroom apartment.

Therefore most people should stay as employees and not transition to entrepreneur unless they have no other choice. So the reasons for people having no other choice are several. For me, I just couldn’t work for anyone. The politics in most companies and having to beg for a paycheck had taken its toll on me after 10 years and various management positions for Fortune 500 companies.

One lady I helped make the transition from employee to entrepreneur was working the night shift for UPS in one of their Austin Texas warehouses. She would leave at 10 PM and return home at 7 AM, barely in time to get her three sons off to school. She hated this night work. So she is my wife’s friend, so we already knew here and understood her situation and the misery of working a job she hated, and how her life was upside down.

Zem would visit our home and we walked her through our eCommerce stores in Amazon and eBay (we now also sell direct). We gave her products to sell like cameras and sony readers for free. She was 100% committed to this process and she went home and started her online eBay and Amazon stores. Within 90 days she was making more money working from home online than what she had earned working the night shift with UPS. She was so happy to have a normal life, she was in tears with thankful joy.

Here are some reasons why people can’t stand their life and need to transform themselves into entrepreneurs working from home.

  1. You can’t work the night shift anymore

  2. You just got fired or laid off from your current job.

  3. You’re too old and no one will hire you

  4. Higher education is now a requirement and you don’t have it.

  5. You’ve retired from the military and you need to keep working to support a family

  6. A college student and working for someone is going to be an issue for you.

  7. You can’t take the company politics

  8. Your boss is a jerk and you need to make way more money

There may be way more reasons, but these are the ones I am most familiar with based on the people I have met and my own experiences.

The benefits from my course

“You will work exclusively from home

“I show you how to purchase and sell undervalued assets like computers, businesses, and real estate”

“My goal is to have you create multiple passive income streams through assorted investments using various platforms”

“Creating daily income is the key to your freedom

The size of my Industry

$428 Billion in Merchandise Returned in 2020

How Many Cell Phones Are in the US?

“With nearly 300 million cell phones in use in the United States, that puts the country third overall in the world when it comes to total mobile phones in use. Based on recent estimates, China has approximately 841 million and India has 729 million phones; however, both of these countries have substantially larger populations than the United States as well. The percent of their respective populations with cell phones is lower than the 93 percent wireless penetration in the United States.”

How I make Money Every Day

I make money every day buying and reselling BIG BRAND NAME new, used, and surplus mobile devices like tablets and smartphones (you can also do this in other product categories like athletic footwear, sports clothes, books, consumer electronics, cars, collectibles, or whatever). I also buy used and new keyboards, pens, adapters, and docking stations for the above items. The size of the surplus retail returns and used inventory along with many asset classes like shoes, electronics, and housewares, etc is about 1 Trillion dollars, and someone is always ready to buy these items at the right price.

If you’re looking to become your own boss and give up the 9 to 6 or 5 to 9 then you’re in the right place. Working from home with no daily commute, and making money through your own online business then your in the right place. So if you have little to no money to create this new business of yours then I’m here to show you how I did it. With only $250 I created a business that has produced in excess of $100,000,000 in sales, profits, and income-producing assets like real estate, royalties, and dividends from my private company. So if you want to know how I did all this and how you can too, then join me now in this simple, easy and fast online course.


Question: What’s The purpose of this online course?

Answer: To go from an employee, student, (and or failed entrepreneur) to a successful income-producing entrepreneur/business owner. This course is how to create an eCommerce business working from home using multiple platforms and proven techniques I have developed over the last 36 years to buy and sell well over 100 million dollars in assorted asset classes from computers, cars, jewelry, coins books, apparel and to real estate to name a few.

What did I learn from my own personal transition from being an employee?

Answer: I learned that the transition from employee to entrepreneur/business owner was not as difficult as I thought it would be. That the reason I left being an employee was that I just couldn’t work for anyone anymore and that I wanted to create a home-based business without bosses or a daily commute. So that no one would ever decide how much I could earn based on corporate politics but through my own effort.

What was the pivotal moment that caused you to make the change over to the business owner? 

Answer: The pivotal final straw that broke the camel’s back moment was when I got turned down for no apparent reason in a  job interview (which I talk about in this course). It was at that moment of anger that I said “I’m done working for other people.”. “No more bosses and no more jobs” That was November 11, 1985.

What did you learn from this experience?

Answer: I learned several things about myself.

  1. That I really needed a final straw anger motivation, within myself. Therefore I wasn’t going to take my current situation any longer. That I had had enough of whatever that situation happened. Therefore a change was in order, today.

  2. Making a transition from employee to entrepreneur was much easier than I anticipated. In fact, I was actually surprised how fast my income exceeded my previous paycheck which was $6,000 a month, which in today’s dollars is almost $15,000 a month. So $180,000 a year in today’s money.

What is your favorite topic of discussion?

Answer: Creating daily income from assorted passive income streams including but not limited to owning private, and public companies, combined with real estate investments.

So what are you passionate about?

Answer: I’m passionate about several things actually.

  1. Creating streams of passive income that flow daily into my bank account.

  2. Investing in real estate and public/private companies.

  3. Building businesses and real estate from the ground up.

  4. Teaching others what I know, and making it simple for them to do too without all the headaches I went through.

Question: What exactly do I need to start my eCommerce business?

Answer: You need the following things.

Number 1: What you need to start

1.cell phone computer if you have one but you could just use your phone account to transfer your money to.

3.eBay and Amazon account

$1,000,000 Cash Flow Home Based Ecommerce Business

Question: What will I learn from you and your courses?


  1. How to build a multi-million dollar business from home with little to no money.

  2. Your eBay, Amazon, and direct selling platforms. How to set these up.

  3. How to gain the first position for your products on Google search.

  4. What products to buy and sell through your eCommerce store.

  5. New or used items. Which has more profit and why?

  6. Create multiple passive income streams.

  7. How to begin earning money your first day.

  8. How to dropship products from over 100 suppliers with billions of dollars in products available. (You get the list of who these companies are too)

  9. What software you can use to upload millions of dollars in products and how to get your own eCommerce store up and running.

  10. How to upload millions of dollars in products to sell on your eBay and Amazon stores from drop shippers like Ingram Micro

  11. The best tax structure business to have, with protection.

  12. What company business structure is best for you.

  13. Where to store your products.

  14. How to set up your home-based office.

  15. What product to sell online and where to get it.

  16. How to invest your money in private & public companies

  17. Passive daily income streams.

  18. Real Estate Investing with little to no money of your own.

  19. Invest in Real Estate with as little as $100 to

Million Dollar Income:

My million-dollar income was created with an initial investment of $250. Many of my current and past transactions are done with little to no money down, but this is not the main focus of this course. The point is, your current financial situation can be changed today, assuming you’re willing to follow my simple, easy-to-understand formula that I used to begin and continue to this day.

This is my first course on how I make money working from home

This is my first course on how I make money working from home. My current income is between $40,000 and $100,000 a month as of this date 5/12/2021. In fact this month (May 2021) I anticipate bringing in over $100,000 income into my company bank account. Pre COVID I was running between $70,000 to $100,000 a month on average deposits to my bank account. I am now seeing a return to the average $100,000 monthly income as the business begins to open back up post COVID.

My Information is documented here under my eBay and Amazon stores.

This is cash deposited in my business banking account of which I have a corporation (we will discuss your business structure later in this course). This money comes from a few sources. My eBay and Amazon store along with direct sales to my wholesale and retail customer base. My current customer base is over 30,000 (mostly accumulated over the last 8 years). Therefore most of my sales come from new customers and a few direct large wholesale buyers.

Income is NOT Profits

Simple accounting terms and the YouTube misinformation gang. So first of all, the many Gurus and people you see on YouTube and in ads selling you their knowledge is not verifiable or real. Therefore you need to distinguish between what is real, as in reality, and what is not real, as in what most people tell you.

The Gurus and other Phoney Liers

Now everyone is lying all the time, mostly our politicians and world leaders. These people we see every day in the media and their focus is to maintain their power by continually being elected to their congressional jobs. Then there is everyone else out there that is trying to convince you they have the secret formula to making money. So they sell you an array of courses and books and they try to become famous and mostly rich. They range in very big names like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Tim Ferris,  and Grant Cardone. The primary purpose is to sell you their information and get your money.

They do this by first becoming best-selling Authors on the New York Times Bestsellers list. This gives them credibility with you. The fact is the NY Times Bestsellers list has nothing to do with the number of books they actually sell. I know you don’t believe me, so let’s look at a best selling NY Times author and he will tell you all about how the NY Times Best Sellers list works and how you can get on this list, and how you can get on it too, and also Amazon and most other bestsellers lists.

The Gurus help You Part with YOUR MONEY

Now that you understand that the NY Times Best Sellers list is a bit of a scam, let’s move on to who you can trust, and why.

My favorite people are ones that are actually certifiably rich as in billionaires. These people sometimes write books too and tell you exactly how they did it. In fact, here is a list of some of them starting with the most famous of all the billionaires, Warren Buffett.

My Favorite Books

Here is a list of books you can read by real billionaires. My favorites are Sam Walton Walmart, Ray Kroc, McDonald’s, President Donald Trump

  1. Warren Buffet Net worth $110 Billion(Berkshire Hathaway Anual Reports, Catagory, Investing
  2. Donald Trump Net Worth 4.5 Billion (The Art of The Deal and The Art of the Comeback)
  3. Bill Gates Net Worth 115 Billion (Book: Knowledge at the Speed of…)
  4. Ray Kroc Billionaire deceased (Book: Grinding it Out)
  5. Sam Zell Net worth $5.4 Billion, Real Estate investor, and public company investor  Catagory Entrepreneurship, Investing & Real Estate Investing (Books: Am I being too Subtle, Money Talks, Bullshit walks)
  6. Felix Dennis Net Worth $800 Million, magazine publisher and author, deceased (books, The Narrow Road and How To Get Rich) category, Entrepreneur
  7. Stephen Schwartzman Net worth 26.9 billion,  Investor. Equity hedge funds (Book, What it Takes) category Investing, Entrepreneur

More Books

Here is a list of books you can read by real billionaires. My favorites are Sam Walton Walmart, Ray Kroc, McDonald’s

  1. Michael Bloomberg Net Worth $59 Billion. Owner of Bloomberg News  (Book, Bloomberg by Bloomberg) category Entrepreneur
  2. George Soros $Net Worth 8.6 Billion manages his own money and Philanthropist (Several books, Alchemy of Finance and Soros on Soros) Catagory Investing
  3. Sam Walton, Walton Family Net Worth $247 Billion (Book, Sam Walton, Made in America) category Retail Entrepreneur
  4. Phil Knight, Net Worth $51 Billion, majority owner and founder of Nike (Book Biography, Shoe Dog) Catagory, Manufacturing, Marketing Product, Entrepreneur
  5. Howard Schultz, Net worth $4.3 Billion, founder Starbucks (book, Pour Your Heart Into It) Catagory, Retail and Entrepreneur
  6. Tony Hsieh Net Worth $850 Million estimated, woned Zappos shoe sold to Amazon, (book, Delivering Happiness) category, Ecommerce
  7. Michael Dell, Net worth $50 Billion Owner of Dell Computers and related companies (book Direct from Dell, and Play Nice But Win) Catagory e-commerce, manufacturing and marketing, entrepreneur 
  8. Peter Thiel
  9. Schrager’s books on Billionaires in his Market Wizard books on trading and investing etc. which are interviews primarily.
  10. Ted Turner Net Worth $3 Billion, Founder CNN (Book: Call me Ted)

Mark Cuban and Richard Branson have written books too which I have yet to read.


My Favorite Books and Authors

My Favorite Books and essays are Warren Buffets’ annual reports on his investment philosophy, Tony Hsieh, Zappos (later sold to Amazon for 1 Billion Dollars) on running an eCommerce business from scratch, and Felix Dennis on what it takes to become really rich and what a real entrepreneur is.

These are just a few billionaires that have written books and financial reports written by them.

These are real certifiable billionaires and millionaires. Their numbers have been documented for years and are shown in their ownership of public companies.

Therefore why would you need to follow anyone else on YouTube or the above Gurus who make they’re living off selling you programs and marketing material? Most of them have little to no experience except convincing you they know anything about running businesses. Even Tony Robbins realizes that he needs to shift to selling people on how to become entrepreneurs but the only business he knows is his own self-promotion. He’s never run a business before. Therefore he can only tell you how to create what he has done and how many people can do that? Not many right?

Start My Course Here

My Current Business Model

My current business is run exclusively from my home in Carlsbad California, a beach town located on the coast in North San Diego County. I live here because my house is 1 mile from the ocean and its’ the best year-round climate in the world. After you learn how to make money working from home, you’ll be able to live wherever you want to. There will be no more restrictions on your life.

At 67 I have 7 children ranging in ages from 2 to 35. So you can see I am an old daddy and my business/investments afford me much free time through 100% passive income. This month of May 2021, I anticipate cash passive total income to be in excess of $100,000 with about a 35% net profit. My assets will increase in value by about $100,000 this month excluding cash, so cash and asset appreciation primarily in the Real Estate will be about $200,000 total for May 2021.

My current focus is on passive income which I will share in detail throughout this course.

Why am I doing all this now?

I’m 67 years old born January 14, 1954, in Boston Massachusetts and I have been working since the age of 12, with proof of social security contribution since 13. So you could say that’s all I know is work, and do not believe in retirement since I enjoy investing and expanding my existing businesses mainly for my family. I decided back in 2015 to write my first book and share all this knowledge and information with you, for no other reason than I enjoy doing this. In fact, it has cost me thousands of dollars with limited book income because my number 1 selling book is free.

My education and work experience

I Graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business with a concentration in accounting from Bentley University. A few days after graduation I received a job offer from General Electic as a credit manager, then left 90 days later joining a management trainee program with Chrysler Corporation. My pay at GE was $800 a month, my pay 90 days later at Chrysler Corp was $1680 a month. Which is equal to $8265 a month today. Or $99,187 a year. I was 21 years old at this time.

From that job two years later I quit with an income of about $3000 a month equivalent to over $120,000 a year today and left the east coast for California where I remain today.

Here are the other companies I worked for over the next 8 years giving me 10 years of big corporate work experience in all management positions.

After graduation from Bentley.

  1. GE credit department collections manager
  2. Chrysler Corp District Sales Manager (My age 21)
  3. Prudential Insurance Insurance Agent
  4. Volkswagen of America District Sales Manager
  5. Hillary Volkswagen Mazda, Modesto California, General manager, part-owner (my age 24)
  6. Mercedes Benz of North America Regional Manager
  7. Computerland Franchise sales manager
  8. Arby’s Northwest Regional Franchise including Western Canada
  9. IBC (International Bank of Commerce) Bank Manager
  10. ComputerLand and Software Centre International Franchise Sales and management.

In 1984/85 I created my own company which I explain below

Social Media Rah Rah

With 134 YouTube Videos, 74 Blog Posts, Instagram, and 6 books, 4 published on Amazon, I am committed to sharing my past 50 years of experience owning, operating businesses, investing in public/private companies, and over 100 plus real estate transactions. These real estate transactions include building properties from the ground up, both foreign and domestic. simultaneous closes which means I get paid the day I BUY the property, along with rentals.

My multi-million dollar business was begun in 1985, then transferred 100% to the internet in 2011 where it exists today. My business and investing are more like a laboratory where I test new things and then share them with you.

It is my hope that a certain number of you will take this information and transform your life for the better.

Therefore you will not only benefit from how I have made And lost millions. I also share with you these current experiences through my blog, videos, and books. Most of which are free.

Risk (Part 1)

All investments are based on a risk-reward basis. The risk in your investment in this course is basically negligible and the reward, even if you never do anything is still way more than your investment. I have well over 5 thousand hours of time invested in creating books, blogs, and videos all free to my subscribers and viewers.

Supply & Demand (Part 2)

I also sell directly to wholesale customers too. Wholesale is nice for two reasons

  1. I pay no Amazon or eBay fees, so I net more money in my account.
  2. My wholesale customers pay the freight too
  3. All money is wire transferred directly to my account with no middlemen like the above mentioned.
  4. I make larger chunks of money fast like $10,000 to $50,000 at a time.

Cash & Wealth (Part 3)

The above is about creating cash flow. The money you earn to live and the money you use to expand your business. So eventually you will skim a piece of this money to invest in things like real estate and or publicly traded companies, which ends up making passive cash flow, and the appreciation of the real estate builds your wealth too. Public and private companies build your wealth, which we will look at closer in this presentation.

Therefore we have two variables here flow


Cash flow is the daily income that comes into your bank account. Wealth building is the appreciation of your assets. These assets will be in the form of your privately owned company we will create today. The other assets will be your investments in real estate and publicly traded companies like Amazon.

All Assets (Part 4)

All assets should bring in cash to you as they grow in value. We are not into buying gold for example that has no cash flow into you. Therefore the public companies I buy into should give me a dividend which is part of their quarterly profits.

The house I own pays me cash from the businesses that occupy 1/3 of my house, therefore I am the landlord and my businesses pay me monthly rent based on actual IRS criteria. The IRS breaks this down to warehouse space (like my garage will hold inventory and office space that is 100% dedicated to my business.)

Your Home and Cash Flow (Part 5)

so my 3000 square foot house has 1000 square feet of dedicated space according to IRS rules that govern my space. My house has been appreciating at about $50,000 a month or more, which is very uncommon (this is called wealth building) and the rent I get from leasing this 1/3rd space to my company is called cash flow income.

The same applies to my asset recovery business that brings in about $20,000 to $50,000 net income a month. Private companies are valued at somewhere between 3X and 5X earnings and or whatever the market will bear, which means If or when I decide to sell and I early let’s say $200,000 a year, then my company is worth $1,000,000 based on 5X earnings plus my assets which would be inventory, my 30K customer list, supplier lists, goodwill, etc..


SIDE NOTE: Everything I do is 100% legal and I follow all IRS codes/laws in determining income, depreciation, tax deduction, and anything to do with tax returns, etc. I never cheat anyone, especially the government.


Reality and perceived reality (Part 6)

Reality is the way things really are. Perceived reality is what we think is true but may very well not be true.

This course will look at both but it’s the real part that far outweighs anything else. So we must look at the facts and make decisions about the future moving forward.

Brief Story on how I got here.

November 1984 I realized that working for other people wasn’t for me.

November 1984 I realized that working for other people was no longer the answer for me. I had just interviewed for my 8th job in 10 years after graduating from Bentley University with a degree in business management and a concentration in accounting,1975.

The interview was with some obscure Franchisor named Rent a Wreck. So the interview went very well in my opinion for the National Franchise Manager Position. I’m now at home the next day in my one-bedroom apartment in Brentwood California, a section of Los Angeles where Arnold and OJ lived at the time. The call I am waiting for is from the headhunter that sent me on the interview. I am 30 years old and already a 10-year veteran working in assorted management positions for companies like Daimler Benz (Mercedes Benz of North America), General Electric, Chrysler Corporation, Arby’s as a regional Franchise Manager, Volkswagen of America as a District Sales Manager, Prudential Insurance and Wells Fargo Bank leasing division.

My VW Mazda Dealership

I was also a part-owner and general manager in 1979 in a Volkswagen/ Mazda dealership in Modesto California. So this ended badly when my partners tried to remove me after I had taken a bankrupt business and remade it into a cash cow earning $400,000 net profit a year. This was after the owners and I had taken out well over $600,000. This is $1,000,000 in profits and cash paid to me and the other 3 owners which are about $3,847,474 in today’s dollars. Prior to me joining as part-owner the dealership was losing about $12,000 a year. The owner was taking out about $120,000 a year in income along with a free car and anything else he could steal from his business.

Law Suits and other Silly Things

The other part-owners tried to force me out of the business but I had written a two-sentence agreement that the other owners signed saying I could never be removed from the business under any circumstances whatsoever. And that my income was guaranteed for life or as long as the dealership stayed in business. A lawsuit ensued after they fired me and removed me from the dealership. A year later I had won a small sum of $50,000 worth about $150,000 plus today. My initial investment was zero, and I loaned $50,000 from Bank of America which the other owners had guaranteed before I entered the dealership as part owner.

Back to my one-bedroom apartment and now my head hunter is on the phone telling me how the interview went.

Head Hunter: Hi Mike how are you today?

Me. Good, did I get the job?

Headhunter: No you didn’t, the interviewer said “you were not articulate”

Me. What? Not articulate enough? I Have been in sales and related businesses for 10 years and this asshole says I am not articulate enough? Well, fuck you for sending me to this jerk-off. I’ll never work for anyone else ever again!

The journey begins, and what a start!

I grew up in Boston with good parents, and a work ethic, grounded in education. My father insisted that everyone get a college degree which my sisters and brother all did. In fact, my sisters received masters and one a Ph.D.

So I have no sad story of being raised by a single mom or having a drug problem roaming around with street gangs. My dad was a Boston cop and my mother a homemaker who had dinner on the table every night at 5:30 10 minutes after my dad arrived home. I come from a family of readers and although my parents had high school degrees, they pushed education as a means to rise above the crowd which back then accounted for about 25% of the total population with college 4-year degrees.

So now back to my one-bedroom apartment and what will I do? After my heated discussion with the head hunter, I put my shorts on and walked down Wilshire Blvd. 4 miles approximately to the ocean. I turn right on Ocean Blvd. and then Right on San Vicente Blvd. and hike back to my apartment. I feel extremely energized and free.

My Big Idea

After my long walk, I realized that this new computer industry was somewhat like the auto industry I worked in over the last several years. So like the auto industry, it would have winners and losers. The auto industry once had 200 manufacturers and now there were basically 3 (Ford, Chrysler, and GM).

The computer industry had hundreds of manufactures, IBM and Apple being the largest, but there were other companies too like Dell, Eagle, Televido, and Kaypro. Kaypro was even listed as a publicly-traded company too.

My brilliant idea is that I would be the guy who would clean up the industry as retailers, manufacturers, and distributors gradually went out of business. They eventually all did leave Apple, IBM, and Dell as the biggest manufactures. The retailers like ComputerLand, Business land, and Gateway Computer also eventually went out of business, and I was the guy that bought out their inventories as they one by one disappeared.

Very Little Money (Part 7)

Since I had very little money, my first deal was to buy products from Gateway retail chain of 10 stores and then resell the product to one of my customers, which mostly were parts shop, refurbishers, and VAR’s (value-added resellers, and software designers.

All sales were conducted other phone and my first customers would meet me at the location, hand over their cash or cashier’s check and I would have over my money to the retailer who was selling me their stuff.

As I grew the business I had more cash to buy products and store that product in my one-bedroom apartment.

My goal for my first month which was December 1985 was to make more than I had in my last job which was $6,000 a month. This is now worth about $14,777 in today’s buying power. I also wanted to net 10% after all expenses and cost of goods for the products I was buying.

In my very first month, I had a total income of $66,776 and a net profit of exactly $6700. All my transactions were got on the green accounting sheets. My next month I had an income of $88,000 plus and a net income after all expenses of $8700. I never looked back.

My landlord didn’t like me much

The owner of this 7 unit apartment building lived under me. It was on Dorothy Street but I do not recall the number. The property was beautifully maintained with flowers all over. The landlord, Mr. Goldstein, had lost his wife who died a year earlier and I could hear him cry at night since his apartment was below mine.

Mr. G was a retired businessman who had owned his own company. His son was his lawyer too. He didn’t want any ease agreements because there was rent control back then and hard to evict people, so I had no agreement with him and just gave him my deposit and paid him on time every month. It was about $650 a month.

One day a customer of mine in Seattle told me he wanted to sell his house and I decided by then I wanted out of L.A. so I took the flight to Seattle, looked at the $3000 Square foot house in the woods of Snohomish, and bought his house for $90,000. The only problem was No one would loan to s small businessman with 2 months of experience so he agreed to rent the house to me and we signed a buy-sell agreement making the house mine which I eventually received a loan and got rid of Mel the owner.

Fact Number 1. (Part 8)

Free yourself from those things that bind you.

Somewhere in my mind, based on the educational system, society in general, and my parents having pushed getting a job with job security and staying for 30 years as my father did was the only alternative. The word Entrepreneur back then didn’t really exist, and if it did, it was never mentioned like it is today.

It never occurred to me to do anything other than getting an education, get a job, and work for someone for 30 years plus, then retire, and so on. The education system and the great depression parents like I had made it their mission to clone us, baby boomers, into walking minions. A generation of employees who would do the bidding of corporate America, keep our mouths shut, and hang in there until retirement. There really was no alternative and educated men like me were in great demand since there were maybe 25% of us in the workforce and maybe only 18% were men. In my Chrysler District Management position back in 1975, there were 18 men in one woman DM.

So freeing myself took about 10 years several major Fortune 500 companies or their equivalent, and about $400,000,000 in sales. This is what I sold for these guys except for the millions in sales when I owned and operated that car dealership. Up to that point, I had either sol or taught hundreds of other people how to sell everything from automobiles to Arby’s franchises.

What’s the point

What’s the point? The point is you have a much easier opportunity than I had. I had no internet or computers back then. No cell phone. Just me and a telephone with a calculator and a pad of paper sitting at my kitchen table.

The Eureka moment came when I had my first original idea since I left college. So the life back then did not allow creative thought, although it existed somewhere, but not in me.

After my 8 miles long walk I realized that my 10 years of experience had taught me one thing. That the current new personal computer industry which was in its infancy back then with the IBM personal computer and Steve Jobs/Steve Wozniak and their Apple II would have much chaos and confusion. So unlike the auto industry, it was disorganized and confused about the direction forward. Therefore most companies would go out of business, including but not limited to the hundreds of manufacturers recreating the IBM PC and its open-source system. Open source means they made available how to “clone” the PC, unlike Jobs who made his hardware/software proprietary which remains in place today.

It’s all about you now… (Part 9)

The new Movie out “Nobody” brilliantly played by Bob Odenkirk with a great supporting cast is directly related to your situation. Odenkirk plays a middle-class dad with 2 kids and working in his father inlaws metal shop as the manager. The only issue is his family is attacked one night, and Bob doesn’t do anything as his oddest son struggles and is punched out by the thieves who leave with a few dollars, Bob’s watch, and a bulletless gun.

The point is Bob isn’t really the guy next door. He’s been living a lie just like you. Pretending to be someone he’s really not. You see Bob is actually a retired contract killer for the FBI, CIA, and every other government agency that used him to eliminate people they were unwilling to eliminate. More so his dad and stepbrother are also in the same game and also retied. Why live this other life you ask?

Pretending to be someone you are not

Well, Bob once let a guy go he was assigned to kill because this guy promised him he would live a straight and narrow life. When Bob looked in on him several years late and looked in his window and found the same guy with a wife and two children sitting down a nice family meal. Bob realized that this guy had changed and was now extremely happy. Bob decided he wanted the same life, so he went out and did the same thing. Just like I did when I was younger and like you are doing today. The only problem is, which you will find out in this movie is that you really can’t change who you are, and in the event that you do manage to be someone else, it really doesn’t last that long. Maybe a lifetime and then you realize it’s too late to change and then…….you die.

You and I, more you than I, of course, are pretending to be someone we are not. I kicked the habit back in 1984, and now it’s your turn.

Fear is the main reason why people never make the change in the world they really want. (Part 10)

It’s the fear of failure (failure is a made-up word that doesn’t exist really. It comes from our school system and has become part of our society, like a disease you can never get rid of)), so let’s not get hung up on failure because failure is a word you learned from society and the educational system and the government workers from top to bottom. Their primary goal is to keep you working for the paycheck and keep those tax dollars and tuition dollars rolling into their account.

Banks need people with jobs to continue getting those high-priced credit cards at 22%. manufactures need for you to keep buying their junk so they can make more junk and get you to buy it with credit dollars because most people don’t have $400 in their bank account. Like about 40% of the population.

Statistics show that entrepreneurs usually fail, mainly because they chose the wrong business, not because they lack cash.


Fear is the main reason why people never make the change in the world they really want.

It’s the fear of failure (failure is a made-up word that doesn’t exist really. It comes from our school system and has become part of our society, like a disease you can never get rid of)), so let’s not get hung up on failure because failure is a word you learned from society and the educational system and the government workers from top to bottom. Their primary goal is to keep you working for the paycheck and keep those tax dollars and tuition dollars rolling into their account.

Banks need people with jobs to continue getting those high-priced credit cards at 22%. manufactures need for you to keep buying their junk so they can make more junk and get you to buy it with credit dollars because most people don’t have $400 in their bank account. Like about 40% of the population.

Statistics show that entrepreneurs usually fail, mainly because they chose the wrong business, not because they lack cash.

Therefore choosing the wrong business will almost always result in failure because you weren’t going to succeed in the first place.

The other reason is the lack of capital. If you need money to build your business, then you will probably fail there too because you really shouldn’t need money to build a business from scratch.

Fact Number 2 (Part 11)

You don’t need any money to build my type of business.

I built my business two times. Once in 84 and then 100% internet in 2011.

Therefore, I resisted building my online business because I didn’t believe it would work. My wife who is much younger and tech-savvy convinced me to go 100% online in 2011. When I did this then everything changed immediately

I couldn’t believe that people would buy things without ever knowing me. But eBay has this rating system so there is the built-in trust factor. So if you get 5-star ratings from your customers you can keep your store, if you get bad ratings then eBay will cancel you. Amazon is pretty much the same.

eBay Seller? That’s, not me man! (Part 12)

First of all, eBay is used by just about every major company in the USA and International ones too. And if you don’t see them then they are hiding under another name.

Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony, Samsung, all sell their products direct to the public through their eBay stores. Best Buy, the largest retailer of electronic gear has an eBay store too.

Acer, Microsoft, KitchenAid, Dyson, and Quiksilver. Some of these companies also sell on Amazon, but eBay has the benefit of being a pure marketplace, an enabler that lets brands acquire and retain customers.
Here are some of the companies that have eBay stores. Their total sales exceed 1 Trillion dollars.

Dell eBay store

Here’s Lenovo eBay store too

Quicksilver surfing and other eBay store

Top selling items by category

Here’s also a list of the very top eBay sellers today. As you can see these people sell huge volumes of products

Best Buy Amazon and eBay stores

Adidas eBay store

Chanel Amazon store

BMW eBay store UK

4 Things you need to Make Money (Part 13)

Now that we have established that every major company uses the two largest eCommerce stores, not including Walmart which is actually right behind Amazon, we can conclude that the 4 things you need to make money are

  1. overcome your fear
  2. use these large eCommerce stores to sell products on.
  3. you don’t really need any money or very little money
  4. this is not a capital intense business I have been in for years and its very profitable

Rule Number 3 (Part 14)

Rule number 3 open an eBay and amazon store and list everything you own you no longer need

Note: eBay and Amazon will limit you to selling only $500 a month for 90 days until you can prove you can actual deliver ad show you can treat your customer right.

My eBays Store

As you can see I have over 7,000 5 star ratings with about 460 people that follow my site.

After you’ve sold off all that stuff do 2 things.
get other items people you know or don’t know that want to get rid of and then decide what products you would like to focus on you can find, buy and resell on these big platforms.

Fact Number 3, Under Valued Assets. (Part 14)

The biggest money comes from buying the undervalued asset in relation to market values. That’s where the real money is! So don’t be fooled into selling $100,000 a month through dropshipping but make only $5,000.

Yes but that’s too hard? Who wants to buy something and then have to check it, list it, pack it and then ship it? I understand, so do a combination of both. Just remember the supply and demand rule never leaves you. Can spend weeks and months trying to figure out what sells and then try the dropship, but there are thousands of other lazy people, that don’t want to work either. So you’ll be competing with all those people too.


We have covered many things in our first course. Here is a summary of what you need to focus on in order of most important first.

  1. Decide now if you want to enter the entrepreneur world
  2. If yes, then open an eBay and Amazon store. eBay is first.
  3. Find whatever you own and list hose items you want to sell. Then find other family, neighbors, and friends and list those items, and charge 25% to 50% of whatever you bring in after all associated costs like eBay fees, shipping, packing, etc. Other people’s items are called “Consignment” because you are not paying for these items.
  4. Getting 5-star feedback and containing 100 5 star feedbacks is the goal. You must gain the trust of future customers. The more 5 Star you have the better and easier it for you.
  5. Before listing find what other similar items sell for on eBay and Amazon then take 3 to 5 clear pictures and price your item just below the best price.
  6. If your competitor gives free freight then so should you.
  7. After 30 days contact eBay and get your selling limit raided from $500 to $5,000 or more. Contact me and I will walk you through how to raise your selling limit. I currently have a $19 million per month selling limit.
  8. Look every day for more products to list and sell. Make sure you pack and ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment from your customer.
  9. Choose a couple of nitches like computers, books, athletic footwear, or whatever you see as items that you have sold, or what to sell.
  10. Repeat the above over again until you have accumulated $5,000 to $10,000 in cash

NOTE: The more you save, the more products you buy, the less you spend on silly things, the faster you will become financially free.

Additional information to consider when starting your business in the following blog post.


Excerpt From How to Get Rich Making Big Money From Home

10 Rules for buying undervalued assets


Rule number 1. Start Over

The biggest lie is you can’t start over. So it will take years to start over. The fact is, it takes only days. Why is it that we are told how difficult or impossible it is to start over? Son the answer is people have fear of change. Therefore starting over means doing something new.

People don’t want you to leave the world they are locked in. What gives you the right to escape, while we have to stay? I came from a family of entrepreneurs who immigrated to the United States 100 years ago. They couldn’t get jobs, so they worked for themselves. My father’s generation survived depression, polio, and the big war. So When they returned in 45, they wanted to settle into a life of predictability and stability. Wars, incurable diseases, and great depressions will do that to a person. Having a secure job gave them a house, a car, and a family to take care of.

Keep them Busy

Companies and governments grew greedy over the years and wanted their workers to be controlled. They worked their workers more and paid them less. Starting over never entered their minds. Their fathers before them had started over when they came to this country. This was not a choice for them, and so it went.

As the years went by the houses and cars became more expensive and not built to last. When my father bought his house the ratio between his income and the price of the house was 3 to 1. Today the ratios are 10 to 1. This was helped along by the banks and government, who created new ways to tax, finance, and cheat their consumers and citizens. Like killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

So in 1984, I decided to stop working for big businesses and began working for myself. Quit my $160,000 a year job and started over. That’s what this book is about. I will describe my step-by-step process to how I did it. My guess is you will not try to change. This book will at least make for interesting reading, and give you some ideas about starting over, working for yourself, and making money while working from home.

Rule number 2. Don’t listen to anyone. Make your own rules and stick with them.

These are my rules, not yours. If you want a rule of your own, you’ll have to think one up. There is no reason to listen to anyone who hasn’t done what you’re thinking of doing. People that write “how-to” books most likely haven’t done what they are telling you to do. If they have done it, it wasn’t to the extent they are telling you. I have been doing what I do for over 30 years and will continue.

In 1984 I was told that my last job interview had gone badly. I had lowered myself to interview with a second-rate company because “I needed a job”, having quit my last job. Sitting alone in my one-bedroom apartment in beautiful Brentwood California I decided not to listen to anyone ever again. I would hear but not listen. The people who were talking had no real experience and or lying, so they would tell me what was best. I went for a long walk straight down Wilshire Boulevard to the ocean in Santa Monica, turned right along the boulevard, and back to my apartment on San Vicente Boulevard.

After my 9 mile walk, I gathered my legal pad and wrote my plan.

I looked at what was happening in the world and technology was the answer. The personal computer was up and running and there were many players in the game. I decided to create a business that would help clean up a confusing industry. Having spent time in mature industries like auto and real estate, it was clear that there would be many bodies that needed burying and I would be their undertaker. No one in the world predicted what would happen. There was no one to listen to but me. I predicted that chaos and destruction would rule, as it did in other developing industries. Once there was 300 U.S. car manufactures, now only 3. The same would apply to all mature industries. The same would happen to this new technology industry and it did.

Rule number 3. It’s better to pick up the pieces left from other people’s failures.

It became very clear to me, that I would never create anything big. I would never be Bill Gates, or Michael Dell, who happened to be one of my customers back in 84. Most people will never create anything of real value, so stop trying. Dreams die fast, and visions of glory disappear like the hair on your head. Instead of creating, it’s better to clean other people’s failures which are many. There are countless failures but very few real successes. To work with the failures only seemed logical. Living in Las Vegas taught me that the winners are few, but the casino always wins in the end. My idea was to be the casino.

Rule number 4. If it works, keep doing it

4. If it works, keep doing it. Which is the same as if it doesn’t work then stop. I made this big connection that if I could do something once, then I could do it 100 times. In fact, I could do it thousand times more, assuming I wanted to. So if I could make money sitting at my kitchen table in my one-bedroom apartment, then I could do it every day. I just needed to see if I could do it once, then the rest would be repetition. My last job ever paid me about $6000 a month plus benefits and a car back in 1984.

That would be equal to about $160,000 in today’s dollars. In my first month working for myself, I made $6667. That’s how much I actually put in my bank account after expenses. To make money, I decided that I would need to make a net profit of 10%, so I actually sold over $67,000 in products (brand name products only). So will explain what I did and how I did it in detail later. For now, I want to get the point across. The next month my sales were over $87,000 and I netted over $8700. Therefore had proven my theory, that if I could do it once, I could do it again and again. In my third month, I sold over $113,000 and netted about $11,000 plus. So these results were a combination of all my rules put into action. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Rule number 5. Don’t believe what you hear or see.

Whatever people say or write, do not believe them. The internet is one big lie to get you to read it. It’s a takeoff on tabloid newspapers. The kind sold at the grocery checkout. The more sensational the more you’ll read it. The more you read, the more advertising is sold. The goal of the internet is to get you to read junk, and buy things. Read equals buy. The other goal of the internet is to get the most readers. So the more readers, the more valuable the page, the more advertising can be sold, and so on. It doesn’t matter who is doing the talking. The chances are pretty good they are lying.

People lie

People lie for assorted reasons, mostly to get something from the listener. The biggest liars are politicians. These people will tell you anything to get what they want. The next groups are businessmen and professionals like doctors and lawyers. I think the more education people have the more they lie. These people think you and I are stupid because we vote for them. The number one cause of death in this country is heart disease. So the second is misdiagnosis from doctors.

The 10th cause of death is homicides. Doctors kill over 200,000 people a year, homicides less than 5% of that. Therefore the real number of doctor misdiagnosis deaths is actually estimated at 400,000 a year, but I’m pretty sure the AMA has kept that figure down. They don’t want to scare the masses who are already being terrorized daily. This information is provided by the FBI. Today a group called black lives matter is shouting their creed. If you look closely you’ll see that more black people die of heart disease, and lack of exercise than anything. No one in that group mentions that because it’s not newsworthy.

Rule number 6. The opposite is true

Whatever they tell you is almost always a lie. If it’s true, then it’s a mistake on their part. If you think a bunch of guys from the Middle East could actually fly 747 jets into the trade towers (after a few propeller plane practice flights) then your medication needs to be adjusted. So if you think that the government does anything that’s in your best interest, then read rule number 5. The purpose of the people that run our government is for them to stay in power. The smartest minds are not in government.

The smartest minds are always in the private

Therefore whoever is running our government would have difficulty making money in the private sector with few exceptions. Those rich people that enter the government want more power(Clintons and Bush are examples). The more power they have the more they want and so on. Either way, you lose. People with wealth and power tell you whatever they want to get your vote or money. So you can almost always bet whatever they tell you, the opposite is true. Here are some opposites. “We are on the road to recovery”. This means we are in big trouble.

So “The harder you work the more you make”. This means the harder you work the less you make. “The unemployment rate is down” This means the rate is up, just fewer people looking for jobs. My favorite is “quality and dependability” Which means my product is junk. If you use this rule daily, you will have a better grip on reality.

Rule number 7. Don’t create anything.

Creating new ideas is dumb. Creation is better left to smarter people than you and I. Smart people create things, or better yet steal things from others, and finance them. Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. At least Jobs admitted it and was proud of taking other people’s ideas and making them better. Companies spend billions of dollars a year creating and stealing to establish their brands. Every year they come out with new products, making the old obsolete.

So at least that’s what they tell us.

Look at rule number 5 again if you’re confused. The purpose of big businesses and governments is to make money and maintain control and power. Big business does not pay taxes and keep their money offshore. The government makes laws that allow them to do that. If you do that you’ll be thrown in jail. Business finances politician’s elections. You do not finance anyone, therefore you’re out. It’s all very simple to understand if you take a minute to think about it.

To sit around thinking of the next big idea is dumb. The chances are your brain will have no outcome. It’s much easier to find what other dumb people are doing and fix their mess. There are far more stupid people in the world you can make money from than smart ones. I make money every day of the week selling stupid people’s ideas, to people who want a deal. In fact, my customers are pretty smart because they buy stupid people’s stuff from me.

Rule number 8. Don’t try to figure it out.

People spend too much time trying to figure things out. It makes no sense to figure out why people do anything. You and I have no clue as to why people do what they do, so stop thinking about that. I always try things to see what works. If it works, I revert back to rule number 4. It doesn’t work I go to rule number 9. So it’s back and forth until you hit on what works. If what you try works, then back to rule number 4.

Therefore if you get confused then go to rule number 9. I always laugh at people that say “I just can’t figure it out”. The reason they can’t figure things out is that it’s not possible. These people are trying to figure out why other people do things. I could never figure out why they are trying to figure things out which makes me as dumb as them. Stop wasting your time figuring things out and just get going with action. Action makes things move. Inaction makes things stay the same.

Therefore my job is to make things happen through action. If my actions work, then I go to rule 4. If my actions don’t work then I go back to rule 8. Do not repeat actions that don’t work. That means you’re crazy.

Rule number 9. Action is better.

When in doubt, do something. Nothing ever gets done unless you actually take action. Don’t make the big mistake of “thinking things through”. The more you think things through, the more it will not make sense. This creates inaction. Action creates money. People that say inaction creates money are lying to you. If people tell you your inaction works then read rule number 6. So if your actions do not work, then stop doing it. I shouldn’t need to give you examples but I will.

Therefore if you keep getting married to the same type of person then stop that action. If you get sick when you drink alcohol then stop drinking alcohol. You move from one job to the next, then stop doing that. Your kids hate you because you yell at them, then stop yelling. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. On the other hand, if your wife is nice to you because you’re nice to her keep doing that. Better yet go back to rule number 4. If you quit your job and do what I tell you in this book and it works, go back to rule number 4.

So the problem isn’t we can’t figure things out, it’s we never start. Discipline is the key and doing what you like.

Rule number 10. Follow rules 1 through 9

All your answers to life are in these 10 rules. If you follow these rules then you’ll have no crazy people hanging around you. You’ll make more money and waste less time. You’ll stop chasing windmills, and start cleaning up other people’s messes. Most importantly you’ll be freer from pain and suffering.

People will ask “what about a positive mental attitude”.

That’s a lie and doesn’t work. OK, then what isn’t a lie? What isn’t a lie is whatever you think. If you think something is not a lie then it must be true. Unless you’re lying to yourself, which you are so you can have another drink. Get another wife. Find another dead-end job. Be a victim. Hang around, stupid people. Get fatter and sicker, or whatever.

People will come up with all kinds of silly things to say. All these silly things are just dumb silly things. The only truth is your truth.

So I have spent a lifetime making every stupid mistake

I think most of my stupidity was just to see how I could fix it. So found that every self-destructive thing I did, could always be fixed. I discovered that you can always start over. Staring over is very hard to do, so better to follow these rules and avoid the pain and suffering.

This life goes by very quickly. Better to live it free from everyone and depend on no one but yourself. That’s what we are going to talk about next.

Mike Addis, Carlsbad California


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