Kajabi online course

Kajabi online course

My YouTube Video Online Course

All my courses are free to anyone who wants to learn how I make money working from home. It just takes focus and action to begin my program.

The benefit to me comes when you have something that I am interested in buying or making money with. So I am the guy you can call if you need cash or have a product/asset that I may have interest in buying.

If you want to speed up your process, then you’ll have to pay me a small fee, which isn’t much considering you can probably recover your total investment in less than 90 days, or sometimes in 1 month of sales.

I have 2 things you don’t have

  1. I know how to make $100,000 a month through my computer.
  2. My cash is available for you to buy pretty much whatever. Depending on the profit margins and the deal.

Therefore if you want access to my knowledge and cash then you’ll have to pay me. A good comparison is by refinancing my house which will cost me about $13,000 total but will save me about $1600 a month. So in 12 months

$1600 X 12 = 19,200 savings. it will take me about 8.125 months to pay off this $13,000 fee. In 30 years I will have this loan, that’s a savings of $1600 a month X 360 months (30 years) = $576,000 total savings. Well worth the $13,000 fee.

If you work with me you could make that much in 12 months, not 360 months, so the $500 doesn’t seem like much now does it?

The price for admission and direct access to me is $500, a nonrefundable one-time charge. This can be paid directly to me using Venmo.

The purpose of this video is to show you how I make over $100,000 a month buying and reselling undervalued assets. So it’s relatively simple to understand and requires no licenses or special education.

The buying of an Undervalued asset is called asset recovery.

Therefore I am in the asset recovery business. Here is the simple definition.

Asset recovery, also known as investment or resource recovery, is the process of maximizing the value of unused or end-of-life assets through effective reuse or divestment. While sometimes referred to in the context of a company undergoing liquidation, Asset recovery also can describe the process of liquidating excess inventoryrefurbished items, and equipment returned at the end of a lease. It will also include returns.

The industry is about 1 Trillion dollars.

Why asset recovery?

Here is the reason why I entered the asset recovery business in 1985.

  1. Little to no cash to enter the business. So bought $350 of camera chargers and sold the lot for about $3,000.
  2. The profit margins are much higher than buying and reselling non-asset recovered assets. In some cases, I can make 3 to 4X my initial investment. So one item I bought for $3, (Samsung Adapter, I resold for $9. This was in a quantity of 3000 adapters so I made $8 per adapter or $18,000 in just a few days. One phone call and I sold the whole lot, in fact, the buyer found me, I didn’t find him.
  3. The demand for big brand name lower priced items is very much in demand, so the demand for my products is greater than the supply in the asset recovery products I sell
  4. The number of people in this business is very small compared to drop shipping where anyone can enter that business with a computer and a credit card.
  5. The greater the demand, the lesser the supply means more profits for me.
  6. It’s more difficult to do but the rewards are 10X greater.

So the reason for this course is to speed up your income and to make me available as you go through the process. You will also have other people in the course to communicate with.

I have the cash to buy into deals. You may not have the cash, so I will make my money available assuming I decide your deal is good. This does not mean I am a bank. I do not lend money, I invest money in deals.

The percentage of deals I see each week is about 100, and I choose sometimes 1, therefore you must have a deal that falls into my category of what I consider to be a good deal. During this process, I will reveal some of the criteria I use.

Good luck and welcome.

Mike Addis Carlsbad, California

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