About what I do

My primary focus is to make money every day. This means that income arrives in the form of daily sales of products. I only deal in Big Brand Name Products, mostly in new and used computers. So my nitch is mobile devices like tablets and cell phones, along with related accessories such as keyboards, adapters, pens, and docking stations.

I have been in the same business since 1985. The business was called Liquidation and now it’s known as Asset Recovery”. Asset Recovery means turning nonproducing assets into cash.

100% online sales working from Home

My only change over was made in 2011 when I went from wholesale to retail selling directly to a customer base that’s today over 30K. 100% online sales working from home.

My other business is investing in private, and public companies along with Real Estate investments. Therefore 100% of my game is focused on daily income and increasing the family wealth through these other investments. 100% of the income I personally generate is passive income. This comes about through assorted investments as mentioned. I anticipate net cash income per year in excess of $250,000 and wealth increases through real estate appreciation along with publicly traded companies adding another $250,000 for a total of about $500,000 per year.


My ultimate goal is to create a “tribe” of like-minded people all working together with the same common goal. These common goals are:

  1. Home-based business.
  2. Produce daily Income.
  3. Share ideas and deals.
  4. Invest in assorted private, public companies, and real estate.
  5. Freedom through financial independence.

Mike Addis, Carlsbad, California



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