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Get your foot in the Door

How to get more business. Get in the door How do I get my foot in the door? If you want more business or more anything, you have to get in the door. Wating at the curb won’t get you anywhere. Sucking your thumb So sitting on the curb sucking your thumb hoping someone will […]

What exactly is money, and how do we get it?

What exactly is money, and how do we get it? I create money from nothing. So I sell something for money digits. My money is created out of thin air. My loaned money is created by my bank on its computer. Money created in the form of digits What exactly does that mean? I create […]

10 rules for Buying Under Valued Assets

10 Rules for buying undervalued assets   Rule number 1. Start Over The biggest lie is you can’t start over. So it will take years to start over. The fact is, it takes only days. Why is it that we are told how difficult or impossible it is to start over? Son the answer is […]