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How To Use Paypal For Cash

How To Use Paypal For Cash I use Paypal to get cash. Therefore Its sole purpose is to process and loan money. It’s not a Bank The advantage of Paypal is it’s not a bank. Therefore it doesn’t come under banking regulations. So this means they can market their products and services and charge higher […]

How to Measure Risk when Investing

How to Measure Risk when Investing “No-Risk no reward“. Another myth from the past. How about “the greater the risk, the greater the reward“. Here I will talk about how to measure risk when investing! Big Risk equals Big money? I take small risks with big rewards. So the old cliche about greater risk and […]

Sales Should Mean Profits

Sales Should Mean Profits Sales or income do not mean profits. Therefore profit is what counts. Income and sales  Sales or income without profits has no value. So my first month back in 1985 had sales of $67,000 and my profits almost $6,700. Therefore a 10% net profit. In addition, my second month had sales […]

How to create profits not just Income


How to create profits and cash flow, not just Income. What are profits and how do I create them? So profits are what you end up with after you subtract your total expenses. In other words, “the bottom line”. Why Profits The only reason I’m in business is to create profits. For instance, all my […]

How to invest like Warren Buffet and Ichan

How to invest like warren buffett and ichan

How to invest like Warren  Buffett and Ichan My favorite investment styles are Carl Ichan, net worth 26 billion, and Warren Buffet, net worth 89 billion. Ben Graham is their common denominator. In other words, they are Ben Graham value investors. I use both in my investment strategy. Here are their similarities. Firstly, both are […]

How to make big money using debt

big money

How to make big money using debt I use mountains of debt because it makes me money. My plan to use debt to grow my businesses because it makes me rich, and so can you. Most people use debt to buy luxury The average person uses debt to buy luxury items that don’t produce income. […]

What exactly is money, and how do we get it?

What exactly is money, and how do we get it? I create money from nothing. So I sell something for money digits. My money is created out of thin air. My loaned money is created by my bank on its computer. Money created in the form of digits What exactly does that mean? I create […]