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Sales Should Mean Profits

Sales Should Mean Profits Sales or income do not mean profits. Therefore profit is what counts. Income and sales  Sales or income without profits has no value. So my first month back in 1985 had sales of $67,000 and my profits almost $6,700. Therefore a 10% net profit. In addition, my second month had sales […]

How to create profits not just Income


How to create profits and cash flow, not just Income. What are profits and how do I create them? So profits are what you end up with after you subtract your total expenses. In other words, “the bottom line”. Why Profits The only reason I’m in business is to create profits. For instance, all my […]

10 rules for Buying Under Valued Assets

10 Rules for buying undervalued assets   Rule number 1. Start Over The biggest lie is you can’t start over. So it will take years to start over. The fact is, it takes only days. Why is it that we are told how difficult or impossible it is to start over? Son the answer is […]