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Cash is King, How To Get It?

cash is king

Cash is King, how to Get it. Cash is the reason I invest in companies. So let’s look at what and why cash is important and not what some people call, “trash” You can print money Cash is the only reason companies are in business. It’s the only reason why we work. Therefore my primary […]

How to Get Income Producing Assets

How to Get Income Producing Assets My goal is to buy income producing assets. So I don’t have to work. What’s an asset? Therefore assets are what I own. So Liabilities are what I owe. In other words, assets remove liabilities. So I now have a plan for my investing. Create or buy income producing […]

Action is better than words when it comes to making money

making money

Action is better than words when it comes to making money One primary reason that people fail to make money is they never take action. They talk about it, dream about it, watch videos from other people. However, they never take action. The main reason for not making money is the lack of action. Take […]

10 rules for Buying Under Valued Assets

10 Rules for buying undervalued assets   Rule number 1. Start Over The biggest lie is you can’t start over. So it will take years to start over. The fact is, it takes only days. Why is it that we are told how difficult or impossible it is to start over? Son the answer is […]